The Tomorrow People

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Name: The Tomorrow People
Creator: Roger Price
Date(s): 1973-1979, 1992-1995 (ITV revival), 2001-2007 (Big Finish audio plays), 2013-2014 (CW revival)
Medium: TV, audio plays
Country of Origin: UK
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The Tomorrow People is a UK children's science-fiction series from the 1970s. It was remade in the 1990s and again in the 2010s, and in the 2000s as a radio play.

Tomorrow People are the next step in human evolution. In addition to being normal humans, they also possess three very important abilities. They can speak telepathically with each other, they can teleport themselves anywhere just by thinking, and they can move objects with telekinesis. To compensate for these awesome abilities, nature took away their ability to kill. They cannot take another life, even in self defense. This so far applies only to humans--that is to say, it is believed they can kill animals and such if necessary, but most of them do not.


Mailing Lists

The main mailing list for the fandom, TPFICT, was started by Wendy Kelley on November 5, 1995. This list was originally meant to focus on fic with general show discussion allowed. By popular demand, a discussion specific list, TPDIS was started on December 18, 1995 and TPFICT was reimagined for fic and fic discussion.

The original list mod team was Wendy Kelley and Kyrie Daniels. In 1997, Kyrie stepped down and was replaced by Beth and Shaun as co-assistant mods. In 2008, Wendy stepped down and was replaced by Meg Freeman. In 2011, the lists moved from their location at to a new server at Despite long periods of downtime, the lists are still active.


  • Hyperspace 2008, a fan-run convention was held in September 2008 to celebrate the show's 35th anniversary. "In aid of Cancer Research UK, this charity event will include an awards ceremony, Q&A, video presentations and live script readings. Cast and crew from the 70's, 90's and Big Finish audio adventures are attending and all autographs are free. In addition there will be an exclusive guided tour of Teddington Studios by one of the original camera men who worked on the show."[1]

Fan Clubs


  • The Lab - a fairly comprehensive fansite for all versions of The Tomorrow People, including reviews and commentaries on the various dvd, book and audio releases, "pseudo scientific explanations for various Tomorrow People phenomena", images and media articles, clips of interviews with members of the cast and brief character bios, as well as the site owner's fanfiction. Last updated 2007.
  • A Tomorrow People Libary - pages on filming locations, essays and theories on the show, and the owner's fanfiction.
  • The Tomorrow People Episode Guide & Photo Gallery - begun in 1995, still active (2012).
  • The Tomorrow People Scrapbook - a reduced version of the original site, this still contains "a series of exclusive interviews" with members of the cast and a collection of articles about the show.
  • The Tomorrow People Archive/Roger Price's Tomorrow People Archive (Wayback) was "the official archive of Roger D Price creator of the show. This archive includes many original scripts, unseen scripts and stories which were never produced, treatments and financial breakdown and last but not least, the original pitch document submitted to Thames TV in 1970." It appears to have been last updated in 2007. A version of this page seems to be archived on the Tomorrow People Scrapbook, above. ?


  • An important fandom archive was The TPFICT Archives.[2] It operated from 1995-2011, when the account hosting it was allowed to expire. Formerly at, this was the archive for the TPFICT mailing list which still exists, though it has been inactive for some time.
  • Expressions - for adult stories and WIPs. Last updated 2004, but still online (2012).
  • Stories on
  • Works on Archive of Our Own

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