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Title: Cohorts
Publisher: IIBNF Press
Editor(s): Bernice
Date(s): 1993-2003
Medium: print
Genre: slash and het
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Cohorts is a slash and het multifandom anthology that was published in Australia.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1
flyer issue #1 with story summaries, click to read

Cohorts 1 was published 1993 and contains 158 pages.

The Professionals (22.5%, 36 pages), Blake's 7 (7.5%, 12 pages), UFO (54 pages, 33.7%), Tomorrow People (5 pages, 3.13%), The Hard Way (14 pages, 8.7%), Best Seller (2 pages, 1.25%), Zorro(31 pages, 19.3%).

"160 pages, 123,088 words. Zine is formatted to 11pts, double column, minimum white space. Lots of artwork. Although jam packed, every care has been taken to ensure readability of type. Cohorts One provides a wide mixture of stories covering every possible theme you could imagine, plus heaps of poetry, cartoons, and snippets. Loads of angst, love, laughter and, of course, plenty of sex. Art by B. Russell, Cat, Kay: in colour and B/W pencil printed, and B/W ink. Brightly coloured but public transport acceptable covers."

  • Nut Cutlet by Edwina Harvey (Pros)
  • "Something Worth Having" - "Stand Down" - "The Man in Black" (three- part story) by K Even though the feelings between them have been acknowledged, it takes a long time to reach acceptance, and love. (Pros)
  • "Memorial" by Kei Meeting up again at Cowley's funeral after many years apart, Bodie and Doyle work out some long unresolved feelings. (Pros)
  • God Bless Us, Everyone by Airelle (Bodie/Cowley 1 page only, Bodie and Cowley celebrate Christmas their own way.) (first published in 1994 in Faute Professionnelle #5) (Pros)
  • Limerick by Ceri (Pros)
  • "Desperate Measures" by Tara (Imprisoned on an alien world, Blake & Avon must come to terms with the animosity between them.) (Blake's 7)
  • Yellow Bodie: Competition Entries:
    • "Midas Touch" by Felicity Granger (Pros)
    • "Yellow River" by Wolfie (Pros)
    • "Nut Nutlet" by Edwina Harvey (Pros)
  • "Snow Country" by Kei (Straker and Foster find more than just aliens when on a mission to Japan.) (UFO)
  • "Games" by Kei (sequel to Snow Country) (UFO)
  • "Where the Heart Is" by Katy Deery (UFO)
  • "Lost Light" by Kei (UFO)
  • "Celebration" by Tara (Foster has a gift for Straker that he'll never forget. (UFO)
  • Merciful Control" by K (Too much love can be a bad thing, when it's caused by alien brainwashing.) (UFO)
  • "Resolution" by Tara (UFO)
  • "Into the Unknown" by K (Telepathy is a curse when you have something to hide.) (Tomorrow People)
  • "The Easy Way" by Sarah Bellum (Nick Lang is back and he's not looking to make a sequel - he's back for John Moss. Can the super cop cope with the high gloss, artificial world of a film star?) (The Hard Way)
  • "Reciprocity" by Sarah Bellum (What if Cleve had not really been killed?) (Best Seller)
  • "Best Kept Secrets" by Felicity Granger (Diego's own father believes him to have no interest in the senoritas, and Zorro is having doubts about the constant fight against injustice. Philipe, rapidly becoming a man, provides solace for a weary hero.) (Zorro)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2
flyer issue #2 with story summaries, click to read

Cohorts 2 was published in August 1995 and contains 112 (or maybe 120) pages.

Blake's 7 (7 pages, 6%), UFO (44 pages, 37%), Babylon 5 (13 pages, 11%), Due South (22 pages, 19%), James Bond (8 pages, 7%), Deep Space Nine (4 pages, 4%), Inspector Morse (14 pages, 12%).

Flyer: Cohorts 2, Archived version

"Cohorts Two provides a wide mixture of stories covering every possible theme you could imagine, plus two short Professionals stories (3 pages) and lots of small snippets and funny bits. Loads of angst, love, laughter and, of course, plenty of sex. 120 pages. 115,640 words. Zine is formatted to 11pts. double column, minimum white space. Although jam packed, every care has been taken to ensure readability of type."

  • Love Story of a Different Kind by Airelle (republished in French in Faute Professionnelle #7) (Pros)
  • My Lover's Body by India 1 page - translated into English by Airelle (Pros)
  • Dreams and Visions by The Vorlon/Pat Jenkins ("One drink too many spells the end of Garibaldi's secret. Now he waits in terror for Sinclair's reaction.") (Babylon 5)
  • Babylon 5 Slash Pairings by Sarah Bellum (Babylon 5) (likely reprinted from an issue of Late for Breakfast)
  • Day Trip by McCartney Ferry ("The Commander's inability to express his love for Paul Foster drives Foster into the arms of another man.") (UFO)
  • Bond Strikes Camp by Not Sure ("Written by friends of Ian Flcmming many many years ago. Patriotism is taken one step too far as far as Bond is concerned.") (James Bond)
  • On The Edge by Tara ("Stolen moments of passion and risky sex lead to redefinition of their relationship for Morse and Lewis.") (Inspector Morse)
  • Battleground by Tara ("On a rare shore leave, Blake questions whether the Federation have committed the greatest crime — erasing his ability to feel...") (Blake's 7)
  • Despite and Still by Tara ("A long story that follows the trials faced by two men trapped by their positions and their passions, and the continuous attempts of the aliens to destroy them.") (UFO)
  • Friendly Advice by Mary E ("Instructions in human sexuality become a reciprocal learning experiment for Odo and Bashir.") (Deep Space 9)
  • Revolver's Prayer by Pogue Mahon ("An alternative postscript to "Victoria's Secret") (Due South)
  • It's A Dog's Life by VJ ("Manage a doggie style. (I'm gonna gel lynched for printing this one!") (Due South)
  • Painless by Sarah Bellum ("When Fraser finds out that Ray is being blackmailed, he cannot come to terms with Ray's solution.") (Due South)
  • Raymondo's Secret by Velcro Head (Due South)
  • Beaver Season by VJ ("Ray Vccchio has to go undercover in a gay club, and drags his Mountie along. Is it a setup, is he setting Benny up. or has he bitten off more than he can chew!") (Due South)
  • "Due South - The Interactive Version" by Velcro Head (Create your own script — humorous.)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[Love Story of a Different Kind]: Starts off very worryingly (to me) het and... well there's a surprise twist, but not quite twist-y enough for me, unfortunately! Because (and this isn't a spoiler as it's right there in the first sentence or so) Ray Doyle is actually Rae Doyle, who is... female. [1]

Issue 3

Cohorts 3 was published in 1997. Statistics: 160 pages, including art. Approx. 144,000 words. Mauve public transport safe covers. Spiral bound, laser printed, p/copied.

Flyer: Cohorts 3, Archived version

  • Biting the Bullet by Arch Ant (Biting the Bullet) (Garibaldi blushed. Jeff really knew where all his buttons were, and in what order to push them. He partially rolled over, causing Jeff to fall sideways. "You’ve got a dirty mind. I like that in a man," he said, before walking into the shower.)
  • Encounter by Meridian (Professionals/Chief Crossover) (He had come too far to back out now. He wanted to feel strong arms hold him tight. He wanted this man to hold him and for a little while he would pretend that this was 5 years in the past and Alan was Ray. Bodie celebrates an anniversary, coming to terms with loss.)
  • A Sure Sign of Spring by Jane (due South) (Fraser gave him a look, half shy, half ravenous, and then without preamble tugged the white sweater off over his head, leaving him bare to the waist, honey coloured and smooth as silk, while Ray felt the brains leaking out of his ears. Dief’s summer shedding allows Ray to perform another good deed for his Mountie.)
  • Fear by Catherine (due South) ("Beautiful eyes." Benny whispered. Ray swallowed thickly as Benny leaned forward for a hard, fast kiss. Ray never closed his eyes, keeping them open, absorbing everything about his lover, the blue of his eyes, the scar at the corner of his mouth. He licked at it, jumping when he felt Fraser’s hand on his bare backside.)
  • Truth by Gillian Middleton (due South) ("Because there is no love between guys, Fraser. It’s hard hands and hard cocks and somebody getting hurt and humiliated, okay? Don’t dignify it with words like love. It takes gentleness and care for Fraser to reach Ray.)
  • It Could Happen by Gloria Lancaster (due South) (Benny went right ahead being adorable all over the place, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it, short of shooting him in the back of the neck. Only trouble is, even the back of his neck is cute.)
  • Living Life by Quill (due South) (Ray’s face was hard as he lifted the fourth drink and he gulped it down, the scene of his sister and Benny making love repeating over and over in his imagination.)
  • Incident With Walt Whitman by Mirna Cicioni (Rawhide) (Favor swallowed hard. Fool kid. For wantin’ me. The man who rode with him, argued with him, fought beside him, knew him as no woman ever had. As no woman probably could. And who wanted him as he was. Favor falls into a trap designed to waylay the herd, and it takes Rowdy’s loyalty to save them all.)
  • Personal Magnetism and ‘Magnetic Personality’ by Elizabeth Holden (X-Men) (A Pair of concentric stories dealing with the relationship between Magneto and Gambit.)
  • Russian Roulette by Quill (Man from UNCLE) (Illya opened his eyes and saw the white ceiling. For a long moment all he did was stare up at that ceiling, not a thought in his head, then slowly memory returned and with that memory came the pain. Napoleon, his Napoleon, was dead, and he’d pulled the trigger.)
  • Sailor’s Choice by Arch Ant (Seaquest) ("You calling me a cheap lay?" Brody teased, his voice edged with lust and humour. "I’ll have you know I’m expensive... and worth it.")
  • Heart of Stone by A. Worthyfriend (Gargoyles) ("Don’t wish for anything. I won’t give you what you want." "But just to be treated like equals..." Goliath stated. He almost crushed Xanatos’ hand in his before kissing the tips with the gentleness of sunshine kissing flowers.)
  • On Account of Love by Violet Nightingale (Sherlock Holmes) (In that singular moment of unsurpassed intimacy the sense of sharing something unique and remarkable was overwhelming and I knew then that I would never forget the power, the rapture and the sheer erotic joy of it as he adored me with his mouth.)
  • Two of Us by A. Worthyfriend (The Beatles, RPF) (Probably a pair of ‘horses hoofs’ as we used to call ‘em. John had looked down his nose at me in that superior way of his, "Don’t knock what you haven’t tried, Paulie.")
  • Hard Truths and Strategic Lies by Keiko Kirin (UFO) ("This is extremely unpleasant for me, Foster," Straker began at last, the words coming slowly, "so I'll come straight to the point. You and Waterman – is it true?")
  • Other Fun Bits (don’t buy the zine for these) (Muppets, Muppets/Professionals cross over, Archie, Pros, Garfield, Highlander, Road Runner.) Also: ‘Contribution to Science’ by Trish Darbyfeld, plus ‘Storm in a Tea Cup’ & ‘Until My Dying Day’ by Quill. Art by Anja Gruber

Issue 4

Cohorts 4 was published in 2002 and contains 120 pages. Art by Anja Gruber and Bernice.

cover of issue #4

Flyer: Cohorts 4, Archived version

  • The Tick Vs His Urges by Katrina Bowen ("I’m looking at… The City. Home to goodness and wholesomeness in all its myriad forms. The last bastion of righteousness - a place where moms and dads are tucking their apple-cheeked youngsters into the soft, clean beds of virtue and pulling up crisp, white sheets scented with the fabric softener of family values. But underneath the City, there are… urges afoot.") (The Tick) (5)
  • You Give Me Two Molsons… by Trish Darbyfeld ("I woke up naked on a bearskin rug with two equally naked young women either side of me." "Oh yeah, what were they doing there?" "Each other, Ray.") (due South) (10)
  • Tom’s Hope by Khylara (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) (12)
  • The Time For Talking Is Over by Jane Mailander (He hated lying to his wife. He hated having to cover up for his outdoor wanderings that eventually led to him that small room. Above all he hated living in the moral terror of discovery. But his hate was as nothing compared to his love…) (Mr. Ed) (13)
  • Snooping by Bronwyn ("I met an immortal today. He’s young, but they all seem so young to me these days. I didn’t take his head, though I could have if I’d wanted. Something about him reached out to me and it’s more than simple lust." Mac stopped reading the small bound book that was Metho’s journal. "Lust?" he gasped.) (Highlander) (14)
  • Incident at Halfway by Mirna Cicioni (By instinctive reflex, Favor’s shoulders moved along with the backrub, rising and falling in small circles as Rowdy’s fingers steadily kept pushing, kneading, and releasing. He grunted softly in satisfaction and leaned back a little. "You’re right. This is somethin’ you’re good at.") (Rawhide) (15)
  • From the First Moment by Khylara (Star Trek: Voyager) (23)
  • To Die With Thee Again by Ruth Collerson ("Tears, Lewis? For me?" he wondered. His gentleness finished me, "Reaction, sir. You could have been killed," I tried to say as I rubbed my sleeve across my face like any scruffy schoolboy. "Oh, Robbie, what am I going to do with you?." "Whatever you like, sir.") (Inspector Morse) (24)
  • Suddenly Sexual by Fern Clarke (Toddy was singing lustily in the vicinity of his ear, and when he tried to turn, firm hands held his hips in place, as the young man bounced, his groin rubbing against Luis’ backside. Luis knew he should put a stop this immediately, but they were in a public place, what could happen?) (Suddenly Susan) (45)
  • If Only by Gwendolen (Star Trek: Voyager) (51)
  • Patience by A. Worthyfriend (Fraser had that far away look in his eyes that gave Ray such a feeling of achievement. I’ve done it again, Ray thought, I’ve blown him back to Canada.) (due South) (52)
  • The Art of Dying by Elizabeth Holden ("How do you feel?" "With my nerve endings," Methos answered. "Other people feel with their heart." "I had one once," he conceded. "It was defective. I gave it away, and didn’t need it again afterwards.") (Death/Sandman) 56
  • Roses by Khylara (The simple white card was unsigned. All it said was: Because I love you." Unfolding the tissue paper, both Ray and Elaine gasped when they saw the contents. Inside were a dozen long-stemmed red and white roses.) (due South) (59)
  • Dreams: Vila by Khylara (Blake's 7) (66)
  • Ray’s Lament by Khylara (Due South) (66)
  • Die Hard with an Erection by Fern Clarke (Finally he felt the wary man beside him begin to relax, and was conscious of the arms that hesitantly circled his body. An unfamiliar feeling settled around his heart, and it took him a moment to recognize the sensation as contentment.) (Die Hard with a Vengeance) (67)
  • The Lion’s Den by Violet Nightingale ("Dear innocent Watson! He thinks that I am chaste in the ways of the flesh. Hah! If he but knew the things that I have done - the experiences that I have had, he would no doubt be horrified. He does not know the darker desires of the soul that plague me always. I would be ashamed if he knew how attractive I find him.") (Sherlock Holmes) (69)
  • The Mountie, the Cop, and the Wardrobe by Jane Symons (Ray felt marvellously light and malleable in his arms. Increasing the pressure of his hand on Ray’s back, Fraser drew him closer until they were dancing cheek to cheek and Ray’s stubble was raking against his skin.) (New Ray) (due South) (91)
  • The X-Over Files’ by OTC (You’d better find out what you’re called before you critics my name." "Mulder," Krycek said wearily, "I’m a foot shorter than I should be and you can throw me around with one hand. It wouldn’t get any worse if I found out my name was Buttercup!") (X-Files/Hercules/Due South X-over) (99)
  • A Single Soul’ by Gillian Middleton (The Sentinel) (106)
  • Catch Me If You Can by Rrain (Vic’s body was right there, hot and heaving and already half-bare. At that moment, it was impossible to resist. He leaned into those exploring lips, nudging them upwards until they met in a kiss to hungry he thought he might explode right then and there.) (Once a Thief) (115)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

[The Lion's Den]: A first person Holmes account set after the Sign of Four. Holmes thoughts are reported at length, in fact he is internally verbose to a rather implausible extent. Nevertheless is is well written angst in which Holmes pines for Watson and Watson initiates a first encounter and an ongoing relationship is established.")[2]

Issue 5

Cohorts 5 was published in March 2000 and contains 107 pages (124,000 words).

cover of issue #5

Flyer: Cohorts 5, Archived version

From the editorial:

With thanks to Vicious Linda for Binding her little heart out, and A. Worthyfriend for giving up her weekends to poohfrood.

This is a slightly unusual format for the Cohorts series; instead of the usual harem of short stories, it's just four main stories, but three of them are very long. One of them is very long indeed! This cuts down on the number of fandoms for you to enjoy, but for those in these particular fandoms it does mean a big meaty read.

If you'd like to be involved in future issues of Cohorts: any fandom welcome, no style of story is rejected, please drop me a line at any of the addresses below.

No homosexuals were harmed in the making of this zine.


This zine is not to be given to journalists (in particular Cynthia Brouse or Veronica Cusack), actors, producers, or anyone else involved in the entertainment/media industries. Please do not refer to this zine in any public forum without the express permission of the editor. [3]
  • The Incident of the Leaking Barn by (Jane Symons) (Rawhide, Rowdy/Favor) ("Favor grunted It didn't seem right somehow, languishing helplessly in another man's arms. He struggled to sit up, thought better of it and allowed Rowdy to pull him close again. Maybe it was right, once in a while. Just to relinquish control, let someone else take over. Someone known and trusted and . . . Favor pulled himself back, hesitant about going where that train of thought might lead. It wasn't easy for a man like himself to let go but he had to admit that the idea was wonderfully liberating. "You don't think I've got time," he said as severely as he could, "to lie around here all day, do you?") (3)
  • Haiku by Owlet (Various) (16)
  • Separated for Birth by Demi X (X-Files/Once a Thief, Krycek/Mac) ("Alex stepped closer to Mac so that they were chest to chest; he slowly bumped Mac backwards until Mac's ass rested on the hood of the car. He grasped Mac behind the neck with his hand, and looking directly into Mac's eyes, pledged solemnly, "I promise you won't end up the bad guy in all of this. Th e last thing I want to do is hurt either one of you." Then, as if to seal the promise, Alex pulled Mac's head down and met his lips. He gently rubbed his lips across Mac's and then delicately pried the other man's large sensuous lips open and seductively probed Mac with the tip of his tongue.") (17)
  • Untitled poem by Owlet (The New Professionals) (38)
  • Last Call at the Great Northern by Rrain Prior (Twin Peaks) ("Well, I can't say I regret getting off," he replied, "but that's a shame, Denise. A damn shame." The bartender set the drink on the counter and Dale pushed it gently in Denise's direction. "Well, at least we'll have tonight to catch up." "Hmm," she said with a wry twist of a smile. "Maybe I have plans for later with that delectable young deputy, Andy.") (39)
  • Paris Luck by KMS (Star Trek: Voyager, Paris/Chakotay) ("Tom watched in horror as the viewscreen whited out, feeling the explosion rock the ship. He held his breath, awaiting the outcome. Harry's voice finally filled the quiet bridge with disbelief. "They're gone, Commander. The Captain and Tuvok didn't make it out They were still on the Caretaker's Array when it went" "Dead?" Chakotay's voice reflected Harry's disbelief. "Janeway's dead?... As if by instinct, Tom crawled his way to the Shuttle Bay. His months of cleaning the ship were paying unexpected dividends. Somewhere in his pain-fogged mind, only one thought persisted. He had to get to Chakotay. If there was any way for him to survive this disaster, the answer lay with his Captain and lover. This single thought guided him, the details of the briefing shining in his mind like a beacon.") (43)

Issue 6

Cohorts 6 was published in 2003 and contains 112 pages (87,808 words).

cover of issue #6

Flyer: Cohorts 6, Archived version


  1. 2008 comments by byslantedlight
  2. Emily Veinglory. Cohorts 4, 22 May 2010. (Accessed 23 July 2010)
  3. Cusack and Brouse were chief of research and a fact-checker, respectively, at "Toronto Life" at the time. Once such article may be one by Brouse published a few months later called Gross Encounters: On the Way to Writing a Profile of Paul Gross, the Author Discovers His Fans Are the Real Story. -- Toronto Life, May 2000, pp. 100–04; 106ff. This article appears to be referenced in the September 19, 2000 article in "The Globe and Mail": Not about to curl up and call it quits; WebCite, and is very unflattering regarding fans. Regarding overall general fandom visibility, the publisher of the zine may have been unhappy with the ever increasing visibility of slash fan fiction in the public eye and the disintegration of the Fourth Wall. However, given the publication date (2000), slash fandom, and X-Files slash fandom in particular, increasingly inhabited the public online spaces. In fact, right above this prohibition was the publisher's website address in bold letters where she openly advertised the fanzine.