Inspector Morse

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Name: Inspector Morse
Creator: Colin Dexter
Date(s): 1975-1999 (novels), 1987-2000 (tv)
Medium: novels, tv
Country of Origin: UK
External Links: Inspector Morse - ITV wikipedia
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Inspector Morse is a television series that began airing on ITV in the UK in 1987.

The complete series aired in the US on PBS, and the series was partly co-produced by WGBH.

It is based on a series of 13 detective novels written by Colin Dexter that began with the publication of Last Bus to Woodstock in 1975.

At the time the TV series premiered, the seventh novel had just been published, so the canon continued to evolve on two separate tracks.

The series in both forms tells the story of Oxford-based Inspector Morse, whose first name is a closely-guarded secret, and his sidekick, Detective Sergent Lewis.

A spin-off television series (Lewis) focused on the now Detective Inspector Lewis also has a small fandom.


The fandom is small online but there are a few stories archived at[1].

There are gen stories in the fandom but there is long-running interest in the slash pairing of Morse/Lewis. The very first published Morse/Lewis story, Oak and Mistletoe, was written by Sue aka The Android and appears in the zine, Uncharted Waters #5.

A Yahoo! mailing list for fans of Morse/Lewis also has a Livejournal community, Morse_Lewis ("The Saga of Morse & Lewis") which was set up in 2005 to supplement the mailing list [2] and has a few stories posted there.

Other online sources:


Most of Inspector Morse fanworks appear in multi-fandom zines.

Mailing Lists

  • MorseLewis archive link Description: "Inspector Morse is a relatively small fandom, but we hope to be growing, this list explores the possibilities between Inspector Morse and Robbie Lewis.... This list is dedicated to the relationship between Inspector Morse and his beloved Sergeant Lewis. This is a slash list and fan fiction is not only welcomed, it is highly encouraged."


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