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Name: Lewis, Inspector Lewis (US title)
Creator: Based on a character created by Colin Dexter in the Inspector Morse series.
Date(s): 2006 - present
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
External Links: ITV page (May contain spoilers for episodes not yet aired in all locations.)
IMDb page (May contain spoilers as well.)
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Lewis, or Inspector Lewis as it is known in North America, is the television series based on the character from Inspector Morse. Lewis is created with 3-4 episodes per series, each of around 1.5 hours in length (the pilot being longer). This makes each episode effectively function as a full feature.


Set in Oxford like the original, Robert ''Robbie'' Lewis, still played by Kevin Whately, is now a Detective Inspector (DI) and is the senior partner to Detective Sergeant (DS) James Hathaway. The show flips the class conflict from the original series by having the working-class Lewis, formerly the underling of the Oxford educated and erudite Morse, supervising the young, brash and not so working-class Hathaway. In Lewis, this dynamic is flipped by the young Hathaway being well-educated, a former student of theology from Cambridge, who stopped his studies after a crisis of faith and confidence.[1] The fact that Hathaway was at Cambridge is at times used to play on the centuries old rivalry between the two top universities at Cambridge and Oxford.


Lewis has a small fandom, almost exclusively focused on the slash pairing of Lewis/Hathaway, but also on gen fic with primarily Lewis and Hathaway. As the series has gone on, a few het works have started to surface, some of which are Lewis/Hobson, where Laura Hobson is the series' pathologist with whom Lewis has an affinity that, in canon, moves towards a relationship.

Fans include both ones who started in the Morse fandom, and new fans who haven't watched Morse.

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  1. ^ This is played up in Life born of Fire, the fourth episode in season 2, where Hathaway's reasons for leaving his studies are explored.