Chasing Rain

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Title: Chasing Rain
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Inspector Morse
Language: English
External Links: A few stories are achived on the BritSlash Archive
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Chasing Rain is a slash anthology. The pairing is Inspector Morse/Lewis.

Introduction to Online Posting

Back in 1992 I was a member of a Morse/Lewis letterzine entitled Oxford Blue Newcastle Brown, edited at that time by Ann O'Neill. Ann also produced and edited 'Chasing Rain', which is as far as I know the only Inspector Morse slash zine ever created. It had a very small print run and has never been re-printed.

Earlier this year after a number of people had expressed interest in Inspector Morse fan-fiction I tried to contact Ann once more. Alas it wasn't to be, for Ann sadly died before I was able to contact her. However I wish to express my thanks to her friends for all their kindnesses and help, and their agreement to let me re-print stories from 'Chasing Rain' here.

During my contacts with Ann she was always very kind and understanding at a time when I needed it, and I would like this page and the stories from her zine to be a tribute and thank you to her for all she did for others and the pleasure she bought to many people through her involvement in many areas of fandom....

All the stories contained in the zine are reproduced here except those by the late Tara. Tara also sadly died some years ago. I've done my best to track down those who knew her and there seems to be some doubt as to whether she'd have approved of having her work on the web. So rather than do anything which would have gone against her wishes, the stories are currently not available. If this situation changes and permission can be obtained, of course I'll reproduce the zine in its entirety. [1]

Original Introduction to the Zine

Welcome to 'Chasing Rain' which is a slash Morse/Lewis zine set in an alternate universe, and is we believe, the very first of its kind.

Within these pages you will find a wide selection of fiction, discussion and a great deal of speculation! It is our hope that we will provide new fiction, further discussion, and lots more speculation... so please write!

The enclosed contents come from a wide range of sources, some of our contributors are first-time writers and some might be referred to as 'seasoned' veterans. It is perhaps for this reason that the contents of 'Chasing Rain' covers so many interesting and varied topics, from 'first time' stories to 'established' relationship stories.

It has been a fascinating and intriguing project for me and I am indebted to all those people who have contributed, both directly and indirectly. Ann. March 1992 [2]


  • Points to Ponder by Tara
  • Pieces But Of You by Tara
  • What If by Willow
  • After The Dinner by Willow (Fiction)
  • What If by Willow
  • Points to Ponder by Spyder
  • Fragile Citadels by Tara
  • What If by Willow
  • Points to Ponder by Boswell
  • Age Shall Not Wither Them by Bear
  • What If by Willow
  • The Next Dinner by Willow
  • Encounter by Ysanne