Reaching for the Light

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Title: Reaching for the Light
Publisher: Spyderwritings
Date(s): 1997-?
Medium: print
Fandom: multifandom
Language: English
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Reaching for the Light is a slash anthology of fiction by Spyder.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1
flyer from DIAL #5, click to enlarge

Reaching for the Light 1 was published in June 1997 and contains 100 pages.

  • Never - Poem (Professionals)
  • Fair Warning -Poem (Professionals)
  • Reaching for the Light (Black Rain) (It was then he realised he must be alive, for no one in Hell would cry for him and no one in Heaven would know who he was.)
  • In the Nick of Time (Inspector Morse) (De Vries leavas Morse one last present, but will Lewis get to him in time?)
  • Rite of Passage (Lost Boys) (One stormy night, Michael receives a strange visitor. But David was dead, wasn't he?)
  • The Dark of the Moon (UFO) (1970 and after Straker's marriage, Alec Freeman finds consolation in the arms of an enigmatic stranger.)
  • To Cage a Wolf (Ladyhawke) ("Strange," he said softly, knowing within that it was not really strange at all, 'how easy it is to love him.")
  • Gold, Silver and Steel (Treasure Island) (Jim Hawkins loses his heart on the way back from Skeleton Island, but ships can be dangerous places...)

Issue 2

Reaching for the Light 2 contains 108 pages. Includes Doctor Who, Blind Fury, Babylon 5, Ladyhawke

  • Blindfold - (Blind Fury), Billy/Nick Parker
  • Winter Journey'- (UFO), Freeman/Jackson.
  • Just Another Might Have Been'- (Babylon 5) Garibaldi/Marcus Cole.
  • A Certain Kind of Vitality - (Hostage Dallas/Blood Money).
  • The Face of Love'- (Ladyhawke), Phillipe/Navarre.
  • All The Time in The World - (Doctor Who), The Doctor/The Brigadier.