Oxford Blue, Newcastle Brown

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Title: Oxford Blue/Newcastle Brown
Publisher: Crevichon Press
Type: letterzine
Date(s): 1991-1992
Medium: print
Size: A5
Fandom: Inspector Morse
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Oxford Blue/Newcastle Brown was a short-lived letterzine which ran irregularly from mid-1991 to some time in 1992. It originated in the midst of a discussion in Late For Breakfast at the end of 1990 about another topic entirely; the suggestion was made that Morse and Lewis could be read as a slash couple and the response was immediate. In fact the Morse/Lewis discussion looked likely to take over Late For Breakfast entirely and was therefore moved to a venue of its own.

Oxford Blue/Newcastle Brown was produced free by Sue aka The Android and distributed in exchange for stamps; after eight issues it was taken over by another editor who proposed charging for it and presumably the response was negative as no subsequent issues appeared.

The letterzines are A5, photocopied, and vary between 8 and 20 pages. They mostly contain letters and episode reviews, but there are also verses, cartoons and the occasional photograph.