Late for Breakfast

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Title: Late for Breakfast
Publisher: Crevichon Press
Editor(s): Sue aka The Android (issue #1-14); Carla Salveta (#15-31)
Type: letterzine
Date(s): April 1989 to early 1997
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: multifandom
Language: English
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Late for Breakfast is a multi-fandom letterzine. There were 31 issues published between 1989 and 1997.

It was started in April 1988 by Sue aka The Android as a means of getting back into slash fandom after a long break as a result of illness. It rapidly turned into an excellent venue for networking between slash fans of differing interests and was always extremely eclectic; there are people recommending stories in universes from Kung Fu to Midnight Caller, quoting song lyrics, reviewing books, advertising zines etc. There is also fiction, although given the constraints of space the stories are all very short and inclined to be parodies rather than serious pieces.

In contrast to most letterzines, the contributions here were totally pseudonymous.

Issue 3 coincided with one of fandom's regular panic attacks; a copy of a K/S zine called Scandals of Shikahr had been sent to a muck-raking tabloid newspaper [1] and the zine's editors were feeling very exposed after being called by the paper for a comment. The instinctive response was to keep any slash-based fan activities low-key in the immediate aftermath of these events.

The first fourteen quarterly issues were produced by Sue aka The Android, after which, in 1993, Carla Salveta took over as editor and continued through 1997, although the precise date when the letterzine closed down is not known. The last issue was #31; although it did not have a publication date, it may have been mailed in early 1997; the editorial mentions this issue being very, very late, and mailed just after the end of December holidays.

At the time of the last issue, there were 71 subscribers 49 of which were in Britain, 7 in Europe, 11 in the U.S. and Canada, and 4 in Japan and Australia.

The zine, Impossible Things, is a collection of some of the fiction published in this letterzine between April 1988 and October 1990.

The Issues

See these subpages for details about some individual issues, including quoted opinions and summaries of fannish views on topics current then, and now.

Late for Breakfast Issues
Issues 001-023 Issues 024-025 Issues 026-027 Issues 028-029 Issues 030-031

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From a Flyer

From a 1993 flyer circulated by mail:

A multi-media slash-fiction letterzine produced on a quarterly basis. Guaranteed 120 pages of letters/fiction/information over a one-year period.

All letters are printed anonymously (whether you want that or not...) Any slashfic pairing available for discussion...

[Cost is] 6 pounds or International Money Orders requested--sample back issue for postage costs.


  1. ^ This article was "Beam Me Up, Poofy" by Ian Brandes, "News of the World," July 16, 1989. Brandes appears to have been fixated on sex and gender: See Sex Change Time for Doctor Who - The Doctor Who Cuttings Archive (August 1990), Archived version and Sexterminate Him! Dr Who's Too Blue - The Doctor Who Cuttings Archive (August 199), Archived version