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Name: Heartland
Creator: Lauren Brooke
Date(s): October 14, 2007 – present
Medium: live-action television series
Country of Origin: Canada
External Links: official site tv.com IMDB
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Heartland is an Canadian CBC family drama television series. The series' ninth season will begin airing this fall.


Heartland follows sisters Amy and Lou Fleming and their grandfather Jack Bartlett through life on a horse ranch in cattle country. The series begins after Amy and Lou lose their mother, and focuses on how they can continue to keep their mother's dream alive by healing abused and neglected horses.

The series is actually loosely based on the Heartland books by Lauren Brooke.

Main Characters

  • Amy Fleming
  • Lou Fleming
  • Jack Bartlett, Lou and Amy's grandfather
  • Ty Borden, Amy's husband
  • Mallory Wells
  • Tim Fleming, Lou and Amy's father
  • Caleb O'Dell
  • Ashley Stanton
  • Scott Cardinal
  • Peter Walter Morris, Lou's ex-husband
  • Georgie Crawley, Lou and Peter's adopted daughter
  • Lisa Stillman, Jack's wife
  • Katie, Lou and Peter's daughter


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The fandom is pretty small with just under 300 fics on FFN[1] and 7 on AO3.

The main pairing for the fandom is Amy/Ty, which later became canon in the series. Other common pairings are Ashley/Caleb and Scott/Lou.


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