Connor Hawke

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Name: Connor Hawke
Occupation: superhero
Title/Rank: Green Arrow
Red Arrow (Earth 2)
Location: Star City
Status: Alive
Relationships: Oliver Queen (father), Sandra "Moonday" Hawke (mother),
Moira Queen (grandmother), Robert Queen (grandfather),
Robert Queen (half-brother)
Fandom: DC Comics, Green Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow (Arrowverse)
Other: Connor Hawke on Wikipedia
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Connor Hawke, also known as the second Green Arrow, is a DC Comics character.


Connor Hawke first appeared in Green Arrow (VOL2) #0 (1994). Connor is of mixed heritage; 1/4 Korean, 1/4 African American, and 1/2 Caucasian.

Shado is often incorrectly named as Connor's mother, due to her having an infant son with Oliver as well although his name is Robert.


Connor Hawke (Portrayed by Joseph David-Jones) makes his first live-action appearance in an episode of Legends of Tomorrow[1] as a hooded archer called the Green Arrow, when the team crash lands in Star City Year 2046. This Connor, is not related to Oliver Queen.


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Connor is mostly shipped with Kyle Rayner, Jason Todd, Roy Harper, and Tim Drake.


In the Arrow television series, it was revealed that Moira Queen paid off a woman that Oliver Queen got pregnant to leave Starling City and leave Oliver alone (and telling him she lost the baby) when he was 22,[2] many fans take this to be a hint that the child is Connor Hawke (and a possible Season 3 storyline) who is Oliver's real son in the comicsverse. However the child and the mother's names remain unknown to the audience, although that doesn't stop a lot of stories to pop up with it as the main plot. Other kidfics with Oliver paired up with other characters often name the child Connor too. The theory that this child was Connor was completely jossed in the Flarrow crossover episodes[3], when it is revealed that the child is named William Clayton. However, a few months later it was revealed that Connor Hawke was coming to Legends of Tomorrow[4] and finally made his appearance in the universe[1].

So far it seems like most fans are positive and happy to have Connor Hawke appear in Arrowverse (especially since many had already had him appearing in fanworks) and the character an actual POC but some are unhappy that Connor is not related to Oliver.

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