Laurel Lance

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Name: Dinah Laurel Lance
Occupation: lawyer, vigilante
villain & metahuman (Earth-2 Laurel)
Relationships: Quentin Lance and Dinah Lance (parents), Sara Lance (sister), Oliver Queen (friend/ally, ex-love interest), Tommy Merlyn (friend, love interest)
Fandom: Arrow, The Flash (CW), Legends of Tomorrow
Other: Portrayed by Katie Cassidy.
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Laurel Lance is one of the main characters from Arrow and is based off the comic book character of the same name.



In Season 4, the show's storyline had been hinting at a major character death, many theories had it on various main characters - Laurel, being one. This is confirmed in the episode "Eleven-fifty-nine" in which Damian Darhk stabs Laurel, she dies from complications after awakening from the surgery. Fans that were outraged with this decision, started a petition: "Bring back Dinah Laurel Lance ak Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) to Arrow".

Instead, fans were given an alternate universe Earth-2 Laurel Black Siren Lance (a metahuman villain-of-the-week under Zoom) on Flash series. Due to this, "Black Siren" gifsets and fanart started appearing more often, fans often praised Laurel/Katie work - some even hoping that the character will reappear due to the fact she hasn't died.

Common Tropes & Themes


Major pairings for Laurel are with Tommy Merlyn and Oliver Queen. However she has also been shipped with Ted Grant, Nyssa al Ghul, Roy Harper, Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon.

Laurel & Quentin and Laurel & Sara are fairly common to find.

In 2014, the crossover pairing of Laurel/Dean Winchester started to appear[1]. The crossover pairing of Laurel/Matt Murdock appeared soon after the Daredevil TV series was released on Netflix.




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