Quentin Lance

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Name: Quentin Larry Lance
Occupation: Police Captain
formerly: police officer, detective, sergeant
Relationships: Dinah Lance (ex-wife);
Laurel Lance (daughter), Sara Lance (daughter)
Fandom: Arrow, DC Comics
Other: Portrayed by Paul Blackthorne.
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Quentin Lance is a main character in Arrow television series.

Canon Overview

Quentin makes his first appearance in the Pilot of Arrow TV series. He is based off Laurel's father in the comics Larry Lance, which is paid homage to in Quentin's middle name.


Quentin is a fairly common character to find in Arrow fanworks, although mainly as a supporting character - he is rarely the centric character. He is often called "Papa Lance" in the fandom. Quentin's relationships with his daughters Laurel and Sara Lance is often praised and represented in various fanworks.

He is mainly shipped with his ex-wife, Dinah Lance, although the rare slash pairing of Quentin/Oliver Queen has also appeared. The pairing Quentin/Donna, "CaptainSmoak", became popular after Donna Smoak appeared.

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