Donna Smoak

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Name: Donna Smoak
Occupation: Cocktail waitress
Status: alive
Relationships: unnamed ex-husband; Felicity Smoak (daughter)
Fandom: Arrow
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Donna Smoak is a minor Arrow character, played by Charlotte Ross, that the fandom cherishes.

Canon Overview

Felicity first mentions her mother in Season 2, but it isn't until Season 3, that Felicity's mother, Donna Smoak, makes an appearance[1]. She has a complicated relationship with her daughter, but loves her very much. Her husband had left them sometime when Felicity was younger.

She is shown to love babies, and watches Sara Diggle for the team while she was in town.


Prior to middle of Season 2[2], Felicity Smoak's family and past was relatively unknown and thus several fanworks work dedicated to writing about it. Sometimes her parents were alive and others one or both were dead leaving her an orphan.

In an episode in S2, it's revealed that her father abandoned her and her mother when she was young. This has led some speculation[3][4] and fanworks dedicated to having him being an enemy of Oliver Queen - such as Slade Wilson, Malcolm Merlyn, and Anthony Ivo[5][6]. In certain AUs fanworks, Quentin Lance would sometimes be Felicity's father or Felicity's adopted father (with her mother as Dinah Lance), with Sara Lance and Laurel Lance her sisters or half-sisters.

The episode also revealed that she and her mother do not have a good relationship. This is later confirmed in Felicity's origins episode[1]; where Donna Smoak visits her daughter in Starling City. The episode ends with Felicity and Donna finally talking about it and making up.

Fandom immediately took to Donna and her relationship with Felicity. Fandom nicknamed her "Mama Smoak", as some had taken to Quentin Lance as "Papa Lance".

The pairing Donna/Quentin nicknamed "CaptainSmoak" started appearing on Tumblr.

Since it was revealed that Felicity is Jewish, and since that Judaism is matrilineal, it is very likely that Donna is Jewish as well.


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