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Synonyms: Mafia AU
Related: Alternate Universe, No Island AU, Pre-Island AU
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Bratva is a common trope in Arrow fandom. Fanworks (mainly fanfiction) where it focuses on the canon knowledge that Oliver Queen is a Captain of Bratva, a Russian mafia. This results in an Canon Divergence AU, since these fics usually focus on Oliver's role in Bratva, and ignoring the him becoming the Arrow - sometimes ignoring the Island overall.

It's popular trope for Oliver/Felicity stories to have Felicity requesting his help/protection or Oliver kidnapping Felicity Smoak for her skills.

Notable Fanworks

  • The Reluctant Queen by December_Daughter (Olicity) Oliver Queen's life is irrevocably changed the day Felicity Smoak sets foot in his office. And it has surprisingly little to do with the fact that the first time they meet, she's blackmailing him into a marriage. The Bratva didn't prepare him for this (and Digg is never going to let him forget it).
  • Destiny Burns by JustAnother90sBaby (Olicity) Felicity Smoak has been getting random scars for years--and although a psychic had told her they were linked to her soulmate, she never believed her. So imagine her surprise when she meets Oliver Queen, Bratva Captain, and sees he has all the same scars as she does. (also a Soulmate AU)
  • A Matter of Trust by bluesuedeshoes (Olicity) Bratva Captain Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak have a marriage of convenience, but the chemistry between them is anything but convenient.