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Pairing: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Alternative name(s): Olicity
Gender category: het
Fandom: Arrow
Canonical?: canon
Prevalence: popular
Archives: AO3 FFN
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Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak is the pairing of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak from the TV show Arrow.



Felicity first appeared in Season 1, Episode 3 "Lone Gunmen", and the fandom for the pairing has grown ever since. The pairing name for the ship is Olicity. The pairing finally became canon in the Season 3 premiere.

The actor that plays Oliver Queen, Stephen Amell, is a known shipper of Felicity/Oliver[1]. The actress Emily Bett Rickards has also said she is on board for the pairing due to the gifs and the Hitler vid[2].

A potted fern which is kept in the Arrow lair is known in fandom as the Olicity Fern, Love Fern or Yao Fern, and some fans believe it to be a metaphor for Felicity & Oliver’s relationship[3]. The fern has inspired and features in both fanart and fanfiction. The fern was knocked off a bench and broken in episode 3x19, to the sadness of many fans of the plant. However, as a thank you for donating to a fundraiser, Arrow's showrunner Marc Guggenheim, posted a special video of the fern rising from the Lazarus Pit prior to the airing of the next episode.

In 2015, Olicity was number 4 in most reblogged ships as well as the only ship from the Arrowverse to make it on Tumblr[4]. In 2016, Olicity made the list again, although it lost seventeen spots making Number 19 on a Top 20 list but still the only Arrowverse ship to make it[5].

Common Tropes & Themes



  • Light a match, burn the world to ash by Sarcastic_fina; When Slade comes for Team Arrow, he's unforgiving in his relentless pursuit for revenge. In the end, however, he shouldn't have underestimated Felicity Smoak. (Warning: Character Death)
  • Times Like These by anthfan; A man from Felicity's past she never thought she'd see again suddenly appears in Starling City, bringing with him memories she'd rather keep forgotten, and a new threat.
  • Ain't It Fun by magneticwave; Working for Oliver Queen can be mostly summed up as a series of lessons for Felicity on how to keep her cool in situations she is completely unequipped to handle. Thanks for nothing, MIT.
  • Branded with your mark (I wear it proudly on my chest above my heart) by ohmypreciousgirl; It was common knowledge that everyone had a soul mate. A soul mate was someone who was supposed to be the right fit for you, the person that made you a complete being. It could take years sometimes, but soul mates were always bound to meet. It took Felicity twenty-five years to find Oliver. (Soulmates AU)
  • Sleeping Lessons by RosaleeDonovan; After Oliver moves Team Arrow into the vacant Queen Manor, a quiet understanding develops between him and Felicity. (Post Season 2's finale)
  • Monsters in the Dark by somethingelseornothingatall, Felicity has the ability to see guardians, spirits that protect the majority of people. Some guardians talk, others don't. Oliver Queen's is a sassy, chatty beast. She starts helping Oliver, forming Team Arrow, and getting drawn into the pull that is Hurricane Oliver. (Fantasy AU, Season 1 Rewrite)
  • Songs Not Made For Love (Our Soundtrack) by Jules_Ink, Strangely, when his brain had rebooted, the first thought that crossed his mind was that an “Executive Assistant” really would NOT improve this. Not at all. Because there on the screen stood, sprawled out in the lime green letters that were the trademark of the most notorious gossip side ever, “Oliver Queen engaged to secretary.”
  • Dating Philosophy 101 by Poetgirl925, Felicity has a date, and Oliver realizes he knows very little about her personal life. But when he starts asking questions, he gets a little more information than he was expecting.
  • And A Bottle of Wine by ciara2531 (2013)
  • White Lies by ijustliketowatch
  • Little Talks by December_Daughter






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