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Forced Marriage is a narrative trope, where one or both spouses enter into the marriage unwillingly.

There is considerable overlap with arranged marriage fanworks as the couple been married often have little involvement in choosing their spouse.

Forced marriage works are particularly common in Royalty AUs, Historical AUs or fandoms which provide a canon basis for forced marriage.

Example Fandoms

  • Harry Potter's Marriage Law trope is well known in fandom. In this scenario a muggle born and a pure blood magician are forced to marry to ensure the continuation of the magical population. In some Voldemort Wins AUs, pure blood couples are forced to marry to maintain pure magical bloodlines.
  • Game of Thrones provides a canon basis for forced marriages and this is a popular trope in fanfiction.
  • A varitation of this trope is popular in Phantom of the Opera fandom, especially in Erik/Christine stories. In canon, the Phantom attempts to force Christine into marrying him by threatening Raoul's life. A lot of Phantom of the Opera fanfiction are AUs where he manages to do this.

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