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Synonyms: emo porn, Wallow (genre)
See also: angst, bulletproof kink, Darkfic, hurt/comfort, idfic, id vortex, manpain, porn, Slavefic
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Emoporn, or emo porn, is a term used to indicate a type of fanfiction where the emotional content is both extremely intense, and specifically appealing to an individual reader's preferences. Thus emoporn is as intense and satisfying in an emotional sense, as pornography is in a sexual sense.

In a LiveJournal post that brought the term into wider use, [1] Hth stated:

Other kinds of writing tries to make you feel something, to be sure, but emo porn's goal is to make you feel that *whatever you are feeling is everything* -- at least for that moment. It goes straight for the spine, and when it's done well, there's a kind of disconnected elation that results, where you feel like you've been mainlining some powerful emotion in its purest form.

Types of Emoporn

Published media or fannish source may be considered emoporn, but the term is more usually applied to fanworks, especially fanfiction.

Emoporn may be dark, angsty, romantic, or even triumphant, as long as the scenario produces an emotional response in the reader.

Popular emoporn scenarios include: heroic sacrifice, the resolution of romantic misunderstandings, whumping, h/c, grovelfic, and so on and so forth.

It is common to find similar (often pretty much the same) concepts in Undertale, Deltarune, Homestuck, and Worm stories and AUs, although they are rarely, if ever, labeled as such.

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