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A bulletproof kink is a story element a fanfiction reader likes or is turned on by regardless of poor writing quality, implausibility, or unsavory plot elements. Perhaps surprisingly, given the sexual origin of the word kink, many bulletproof kinks are story tropes unrelated to (or incidental to) sex; for instance, particular character types, emotional dynamics, or settings may be bulletproof kinks.

According to Anna S the term was coined by Viridian5 and Laura Shapiro.[1][2]


  • "H/C story with a side order of Dean yearning to be a good son to John Winchester. Hits all my buttons in a good way." [3]
  • "Fencing is a bulletproof kink of mine liek whoa. There's just something about foils and thrusting. *G*" [4]
  • "I have a bullet-proof kink (I believe is the expression) for forced bond Snarry fics." [5]
  • "The closest thing I have to a "bullet proof kink" is dirty talk, and not just ritualized dirty talk but any kind of spoken expression or translation of desire (in words)..." [6]




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