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The Id Vortex is a term coined by Ellen Fremedon in a 2004 discussion about one fannish approach to writing: "We all know right where the Id Vortex is, and we have this agreement to approach it with caution, but without any shame at all."[1]

One of the discussions it sparked off was at Making Light, where Teresa Nielsen Hayden summarized the "vortex": "What’s in the vortex? If I understand her correctly, it’s all the magic stuff: Sex, power issues, identity issues, physical or emotional violence, revelation, transformation, transcendence, violent catharsis, and whatever else is a high-tension power line for that writer." [2]

Ellen's argument is that unlike in profic, this fannish approach has developed as a way to not ignore, but to "consciously and constructively" plunge right into the Id Vortex: "We have a toolbox for writing this sort of thing really, really well, for making these 3 A.M. fantasies work as story and work as literature without having to draw back from the Id Vortex to do it." [1]

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