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You may be looking for the Space: 1999 story Feelings.

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Feels is an abbreviation for "feelings", but it's used in a distinct way in fandom. While "feelings" may refer to a broad range of emotions under many circumstances, "feels" is almost always fandom-specific, referring to feelings evoked specifically by fannish experiences.[1] Of the six definitions posted to Urban Dictionary as of May 22, 2013, five defined the term in reference to fandom or gave only fandom examples, while the sixth was actually a definition for "feel".[2]

Feels is a noun, and may be modified by adjectives or other nouns, creating such common phrases as "angsty feels", "my feels", "OTP feels", "Hale Fire Feels", and "Natasha feels"[3] (note that "feels" is not a verb in that last phrase - it's part of a compound noun).

While feels usually refers to the emotions of the fan, at times the term may also be used for the emotions of a character, especially if fans are intended to sympathize with these emotions.[4]

An older, related term is angsted.

Origins and Adoption

The term feels is sometimes attributed specifically to Tumblr fandom, but it has also been seen on Livejournal and other fannish platforms.[5] On Tumblr, the Feels tag as of May 2013 was dominated by fannish posts, while the same tag in late 2011 was dominated by real life posts (often tagging with phrases that used "feels" as a verb), with some fannish posts mixed in. The oldest post under the tag is an animal video posted by Comebacknow on November 30, 2008.

On the Archive of Our Own, the "feels" tag was first canonized on August 31, 2012, but it had seen at least 60 direct uses before that time (not counting variations).[6] It was first used on the archive as an isolated term (as opposed to in a compound) on January 7, 2012.[7] In contrast, "Feelings" was first used on February 25, 2011.[7] By May 22, 2013, "feels" had 1167 uses and outnumbered "feelings" 3 to 1.[7] Including subtags, "feels" returned 2891 works by this time.[8]

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Common Derivative phrases

Feels is such a common fannish term that it has spawned several common phrases, including:

  • "Right in the feels"
  • "All my ____ feels" or "All the ____ feels"
  • "Hit by ____ feels"
  • "Drowning in feels"
  • "I have a lot of feels"
  • "This story includes all the feels"
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