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Name: Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Also Known As: TNH
Occupation: Editor, Moderator, Writer
Works: list of books she has edited
Official Website(s): Making Light
Fan Website(s):
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Teresa Nielsen Hayden is a professional science fiction editor (mostly for Tor books), science fiction fanzine writer, essayist, and writing teacher. She has been nominated for a Hugo Award five times, including for Best Fan Writer and Best Fanzine, and reads media fanfic. [1] She's also known for the website she shares with her husband, Making Light, where she became the first moderator to use disemvoweling to handle offensive posts; the term itself was coined in a post by Arthur Hlavaty [2] on Making Light.

Making Light has had many oft-cited threads on fanfic [3], on copyright, and author's reactions to fanfic [4], on slash (especially this filking one, here [5]), on pundit slash [6] and other topics of interest to media fandom.

She popularized Ellen Fremedon's Id Vortex concept [7] on Making Light, and both she and her husband have been strong supporters of fanfiction (especially during the entire Marion Zimmer Bradley Fanfiction Controversy). [8]

Role in RaceFail '09

While for years TNH was widely respected for her support of fanfiction and the many other useful posts she made, large sections of media fandom were upset and disappointed when she plunged into RaceFail '09 on the Fail side.

After her husband deleted his journal due to rising anger over comments he'd made, TNH made a LiveJournal post in which she referred to the angry commenters as "nithings"[9]; elspethdixon subsequently wrote a post explaining the racist implications of the term.[10]

Some fans continued to support her, others attempted to reason with her. As people continued to call TNH out on her comments, she became angry and went on the attack. [11] TNH said she would remember and privately try to identify those attacking her and her husband[12], which was interpreted by some as a threat considering her position as a professional editor. In her LiveJournal post titled "I'm taking this about as well as you'd expect," she wrote:

Some of the people who are using false names are known to him. Some of them are known to or evident to me. In those cases, I've told Patrick who they really are. It's only fair.... Those of you I can't identify are not off the hook. I suggest that you never seek to take credit under your real name for anything you've done or written under your LJ pseudonym, because it's unlikely that I will ever forget you or what you've done.

vassilissa commented in response: "Is that a threat? It sounds like a threat." As recently as August 2015, TNH was arguing with others on Twitter over whether that statement was a threat or not; TNH maintains that it was definitely not a threat.[13]

TNH's actions were extensively catalogued as they occurred, in part to combat thread-deletion and locking.[14] The larger RaceFail controversy can be followed at the link-aggregating journal of Rydra Wong [15].



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