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Name: A. J. Hall
Alias(es): ajhalluk, legionseagle
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Gondal, Harry Potter, Lord Peter Wimsey, Mary Renault, Sherlock (BBC), Torchwood, Vorkosigan and others
Communities: AO3
URL: A.J. Hall Website; fictionalley account; ao3 account
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A. J. Hall is a fan writer who is perhaps best known for the Harry Potter novel Lust Over Pendle (and the expanded Lopiverse.) Hall has also written stories in Mary Renault fandom, Sherlock (BBC), Vorkosigan, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Lord Peter Wimsey and numerous others. Hall's fanworks are archived at Hall's personal site, ajhall.shoesforindustry.net and at AO3.

Example Fanworks