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A narrative kink is an element in fiction that the reader or viewer is especially interested in, sometimes on a visceral level, not unlike the traditional meaning of a (sexual) kink being something one may find particularly exciting.

Narrative kinks can run the gamut from familiar tropes like hurt/comfort to schmoop to amnesiafic to grovelfic, to stories that deal with identity issues or fucked-up relationships between parents and children, to "all stories would be better if they had penguins! or unicorns!" or anything in between.

Writers who plot a story around one or more of their own narrative kinks may sometimes label the story as idfic. In cases where the reader is willing to overlook bad writing or implausibility to enjoy a particular trope, a narrative kink is also a bulletproof kink.

The Dreamwidth community Kink Finders is a fic finding community that lets requesters search for fics with any kind of sexual and/or narrative kink.