Kink Finders

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Journal Community
Name: Kink Finders
Date(s): February 2010–
Moderator: aris_tgd, sassbandit
Type: Fic Finding
Fandom: Multifandom

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Kink Finders is a fic finding community on Dreamwidth that allows searchers to look for stories (or other forms of fanworks) that fit a particular kink. The community uses a broad and inclusive definition of kink, "something that fits the traditional meaning of kink, or a narrative technique, or a type of character, or whatever."[1]

The community has extensive tags, allowing readers to search past requests, and since requests are not limited by fandom, the responses are as varied as the tastes of the fans who enthusiastically participate. Almost all requests receive multiple suggestions in comments, making the community a crowd-sourced set of Thematic Lists


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