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Synonyms: Story Finding, Fic Search
See also: List of Finder Communities, Thematic List, Searching for Fanworks on the Internet, Keeping Track of Fanworks on the Internet
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A fic finding community (or fic finder, story finder, or fic search community) is a journal community set up to help fans searching for the title, author, or URL of a specific piece of fanfiction they have read previously but don't remember all the details of (or otherwise can't find themselves). Posts in these communities usually take the form of "that one story where character X is in Y situation and Z happened". Fic finding is sometimes considered to be distinct from situations in which the fan doesn't have a particular story in mind and is looking for multiple fics that are in the same category (which may be called "genre finding").

Entertainment Value

For many of their readers, fic finding communities are more than only utilities for finding lost fics. Reading the posted story memories can be entertaining on its own. As Jinjur remarked on the LiveJournal Stargate Atlantis community sgastoryfinders:

people post looking for a story they once read and can't locate again. i know, sounds boring, right? but it's magic. because what people remember, the things that make each story unique? money shots, surreal details, and crack. sgastoryfinders makes every story sound kind of horrifying and a little hilarious, honestly. no matter the story.[1]

A both amusing and insightful reflection of the condensed surreality of these request are linabean's meta poems Found (McShep-focused) [2] and Searching (non-McShep-focused) [3], which are compiled from lines from posts to the sgastoryfinders community. A due South storyfinders version was made by travels-in-time[4] and a merlin_finders version by callowyn.[5]

Fic Sharing Policies

Some fic finding communities have stated policies about requesting copies of stories that have been taken offline by their authors; the comms that have such policies usually request that comm users respect authors' wishes.[6][7][8][9][10][11] Other communities do not explicitly state that fans must cease sharing fan fic at the author's request, preferring rather to address the issue from the request end: if an author has asked that their fiction should not be shared, their name will go on a list and fans are asked to check that list before making further requests.[12]

For more on this topic, see Sharing Deleted Fanworks.

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