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Journal Community
Name: Supernatural Story Finders
Date(s): 25 January 2006 - present
Moderator: beckalooby, cherry916, kruel_angel, silverblaze85, vinylreckoning
Type: Fic Finding
Fandom: Supernatural
Supernatural Story Finders.png

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Supernatural Story Finders is a story finder community on LiveJournal that accepts both specific-fic searches and genre requests.

From the journal profile:

Looking for a story you can't find or don't remember the title of? Lost the link? Got a case of "there was this fiction with Dean and Sam and a monster who possessed a kid and where was it posted again?" You are in the right place! Here you can give what information you have and ask everyone to help you find it. All genres and pairings are welcome. We don't guarantee your inquiry will be answered but hopefully there is someone who can help point you in the right direction.
★ You are also allowed to request recommendations (i.e. death!fics, episode related, AU's, future fics, etc...)
★ This community was inspired by sgastoryfinders
★All rules are now on the Sticky Post, please refer to that. If you are unfamiliar with posting on this comm, please take a look at the Sticky Post, it shows you EVERYTHING that is needed for a post to be approved.
Additional Guideline:
★ Once you have found what you're looking for, edit your posts with a link or a note like "ETA: Found!"
★ When requesting fics to read, please specify if you want Wincest/nonWincest recs.
★ Supernatural related inquiries only please. All other fandoms can be found at the_rec_room.
★ Please, don't strike your post after finding what you were looking for. Keep in mind that what you're searching for might be interesting to other community members and 'striked' post are hard to read.
★ Please place specific story details behind a cut if they will spoil the ending of the story.

SPNstoryfinders is a moderated community; all request posts must be unscreened by a mod, sometimes leading to noticeable delays in requests becoming visible, and to batches of unscreened requests becoming visible all at once. The community relies heavily on the use of its LiveJournal tags, and there are multiple reasons for which a request may be rejected by the comm moderators (e.g., requesting new fics, "best of the best," spoilers for current season not behind an LJ-cut, not using tags appropriately, etc.)[1]

SPNstoryfinders has a policy and information around the sharing of fanworks taken offline by their creators.[2][3]

Community affiliates include: boyhoodmoments, deancas_ebooks jaredjensenrps, padacklesrps, rocksaltwhores, sexy_sn_freaks, sn_daily, sn_flashback, sn_newsletter, sn_slash, snslashnotebook, sn_quotes, spneveryficmeme, spnslashbigbang, spn_artists, spn_artfinders, spn_au, spn_betas, spn_brotherlove, spn_bunnies, spn_coda_bingo, spn_epific, spn_essays, spn_gen, spn_hardcore, spnj2fairytales, spn_notkansas, supernaturalart, supernaturalfic, supernatural_tv, totaldeangirl, all_spn, matthewcohen, all_alona_tal.


  1. ^ Extensive set of rules and information on how to post at the community at the comm's Sticky Post. (Accessed 11 Jan 2012)
  2. ^ "Sharing stories I was contacted by an author the yesterday to delete a comment that had a download link to her fic that she didn't want shared. So if an author asks or where it states in this post that they don't want their stories shared, please don't search for it." rules sticky post. (Accessed 12 April 2011)
  3. ^ "Here is a list of (sometimes) frequently searched deleted authors/journals/stories. The list is alphabetical (by authors name) for convenience and broken up into two sections. "Deleted/Purged Journals" and "Deleted stories (authors still active)". I've linked the searches (not all of them), most of the time someone will have the story and is willing to share it in the comments or there is a download link. There are others where the author doesn't want their work shared. If the author changed their names I've listed that too. There are a couple that turned up nothing. This is an easy 'to go to' list for the comm and will be located in the sidebar, any new posts requesting anything here will be denied." From Deleted authors/journals/stories post (Accessed 11 Jan 2012)