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Journal Community
Name: Supernatural Slash, sn_slash
Date(s): 2005 - Present
Moderator: fpvs, seguin19, slytherinblack, stacy_l, va_darkwolf
Founder: slytherinblack
Type: Slash Fanworks
Fandom: Supernatural
Community Header as of February 2020, but it has been used since at least 2015[1]

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Icon used by the community in 2006

Supernatural Slash is one of the first Supernatural communities on LiveJournal. The pilot episode aired on September 13, 2005 and Supernatural Slash was created the next day, the early tagline being Supernatural Slash - For all your brotherly needs. The first story posted was a short 350-word ficlet called Reunion by janedavitt.[2]

The community is open to fanworks for all Supernatural slash pairings, including crossovers, and is one of a handful of communities that has remained consistently active throughout the show's 15-season run.


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