Reunion (Supernatural story)

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Title: Reunion
Author(s): Jane Davitt (janedavitt)
Date(s): September 14, 2005
Length: 350 words
Genre: Slash, Incest
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: at Supernatural Slash
at supernaturalfic (dreamwidth)
at A03

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Reunion was the first Sam/Dean fic written in Supernatural fandom. The pilot aired on September 13, 2005, and Reunion was posted to Supernatural Slash and supernaturalfic early the next day. It is considered a fandom classic, and often considered a "must read" in Wincest fandom, because of its place in the fandom's history.

Reflecting on the fic in 2014, the author commented, "So scary in retrospect but at the time I just dashed it off. Tiny fandom, not many people watching so there was no pressure. The pairing was a little scandalous back then so I f-locked it originally, heh."[1]

Reactions and Reviews

Such a loaded message of want and history in such a short, satisfying piece. I got similar vibes from this as I did the show: Sam cut Dean off at the knees when he left, but he was trying to do the right thing. I like that he's the YOUNGER brother, and in this piece, controlling their boundaries in their relationship. It's an interesting dynamic, and you've done well with it.[2]

Mmm just amazingly hot and lovely with the right bit of angst and anxiousness on Sam's part. Wonderful descriptions, flowing and pretty. Just the way I like them, simple yet filled with so much meaning.[3]

The very first...

I saw the link to this fic, and debated whether or not to read... I've been chin-deep in the fandom for a long while now, and I was afraid this wouldn't live up to the Wincest standards I'm accustomed to.

But then I did read it--

--and realized 'you' helped set the standards so high. Awesome fic.[3]

Though I've read this story dozens of times, I am always newly touched by its poignancy. Despite its brevity, it is an insightful vignette into the depth and complexity of the 'boys' and their unique relationship.

Having recently started rewatching the show in full sequence from episode one, it seems almost as though you were one of the original visionaries who caught a glimpse into its successful future.

Your words paint images so vivid and induce emotion so palpable they make me feel as though I am right there with them (& OMFG, wouldn't that be hella freaking hot!). *fans self*[4]

I don't even know how to begin! This fic is absolutely astounding, and the fact that it was written only moments after the first episode aired makes it even better. I feel like every time I re-read this I'm literally reading a piece of our fandom's history, and I cannot believe that 14 years later, this fic has still managed to capture the complete essence of the sam & dean's complex, messy relationship. Considering how many plot-twists, betrayals, deaths (and countless other horrible things) have gone down within the last 14 seasons, it's beautiful how perfectly this STILL fits them. Reading this only a few days after finding out that season 15 will be our last season makes my experience this time even more emotional, and I cannot wait to re-read it over and over even when season 15 comes to an end. Great job[4]

The first Sam/Dean fic posted on LJ, written the day the Pilot aired. Read it for that reason alone, but also to see the essence of the boys' relationship captured in a way that holds true 7 years later.[5]

This was the first Wincest fic ever written, posted within hours of the pilot airing. Come and take a trip through memory lane and down the rabbit hole to where wincest first began...[6]

I've added this because supposedly this was the first Wincest on the internet, so it's iconic. Written after the pilot aired, it's short and has hints of promise for the future.[7]