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Journal Community
Name: Supernaturalfic - Fic/Art/Vids
Date(s): 11 September 2005 - April 2017?
Moderator: girlguidejones, maygra
Founder: girlguidejones?
Type: fanfic, fanart, vids
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: livejournal community(defunct)
dreamwidth mirror

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supernaturalfic was a popular LiveJournal community for posting Supernatural fanworks. It was created two days before the show first aired.

In April 2017, girlguidejones announced that due to recent changes in LiveJournal's Terms of Service, the community would be deleted on April 26. girlguidejones noted that much of the community's content violated the new rules.

It is devastating to think of deleting 30K+ entries spanning twelve years, but in the end I feel my greater responsibility is the RL health and well-being of our members. The potential harm to even one person outweighs the retention of this comm on LJ. In order to preserve thousands of works, I've made the equally difficult decision to import this comm to Dreamwidth. I've not done so lightly, as I have no one's permission to move their works to a new platform. Obtaining it from so many users is pretty impossible, even before one considers that many of them have moved on from SPN, or LJ, or even life itself. But I hope that fandom will err on the side of forgiveness, and understand that I've made this decision only in the interest of preserving so much of our fandom's creative works.[1]

As of April 2017, the comm on livejournal had 30,060 posts; 24,553 comments; and 3637 members.[2]


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