The Rec Room

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Journal Community
Name: The Rec Room
Date(s): Created on 6 January 2004. Last request was 18 December 2015. Last updated on 10 April 2016.
Moderator: "the_rec_room is very loosely moderated by djinanna"
Fandom: multi
URL: The Rec Room, Archived version

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The Rec Room is a LiveJournal multi-fandom fic finder community.

As of 2017, the community has 1,531 posts; 4,678 comments; and 649 members.

This community is the place to go when you've got a yen for a particular kind of story, a certain pairing, but you can't find it.

Or, you remember reading something a while back but can't remember who wrote it, what it was called, and (especially) where it was.

When this happens, come share your plight with the community. Somebody, somewhere, somehow is gonna know the story you want -- or the reason you can't find it.

Open community. Anybody can join. Anybody who joins can post. Any fandom, any pairing, any style of fanfic. Yes, even RPSmut. Just play nice with each other. Things will get less open if you don't play nice, which means we'll all lose out. [1]