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Journal Community
Name: PadacklesRPS
Date(s): Created on 21 November 2005
Moderator: crynintherain, munibunny, riyku
Fandom: Supernatural RPF/J2
URL: livejournal profile

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PadacklesRPS is a LiveJournal community for posting J2 slash fanfic. Some podfic was also posted.

From the profile:

This is a J2 fic focused community consequently they should be your main pairing.

Banners used in stories are fine and do not have to be placed behind a cut, but they must be 450 pixels wide or smaller. If you would like to use a wider banner, please place it behind a cut. Thanks!

Please remember to tag your posts. Our tags are located here.

Please don't post fic searches. spnstoryfinders is a community created just for Supernatural and Supernatural real person fic searches, and they will be happy to help you find the fic you are looking for.

Use caution when posting spoilers. Please remember to warn readers that spoilers are present.

Please don't advertise any real life sales in the community, whether private or via ebay or another online auction site. Any off topic Posts will be deleted.

Rules are simple:

01.No plagiarism. Taking someone else's story/artwork/fanvid/etc. and claiming it as your own is not cool. Don't do it here. If you are caught plagiarizing someone else, you will be banned. No warning and no second chances.

02.No Sam/Dean fanfiction. As stated above, this is a community for Jared/Jensen. Although, Jared/Jensen/Sam or Jared/Jensen/Dean or Jared/Jensen/Sam/Dean and anything like that would be fine.

03.DO NOT change your font from the comms default font when posting. This keeps the everything neat and uniform and not wonky, plus insures your posts show up on other peoples custom layouts/color schemes.

04. Have fun. :D[1]

Community moderation changed hands several times. In 2009 laine89 became the new owner and announced their intent to start enforcing the rules after a lack of active moderators had turned the comm into a "catch-all community for gossip, wank, spamming, and any other off topic thing you can think of."[2] realscape and sammyndeansgrl1 were added as mods, and kiscico stepped down.[3] In 2010, one of the mods, sammyndeansgrl1, died suddenly.[4] In 2013 laine89 stepped down and turned the comm over to crynintherain and munibunny.[5]

As of November 2017, the community had 18,338 posts; 35,774 comments; and 4080 members.[1]


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