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Journal Community
Name: SGA Storyfinders
Date(s): April 2005 -
Moderator: hnix, sinden
Founder: sinden, hnix
Type: ficfinding
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis, SGA RPF, and crossovers with SGA only
URL:; archive link

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SGA Storyfinders (tagline: We Bring The Crack To You!) is a Livejournal community founded in 2005[1] for the finding of specific, existing Stargate Atlantis stories. (Requests for all stories by an author, various stories of a type or genre, or stories of which readers aren't sure they exist but would like to know if they do aren't allowed [2]; users with such requests are referred over to SGA Genrefinders.) The mods will delete posts that are off-topic or do not comply with comm rules and members also often politely self-police such posts to keep the comm on-topic.

SGA Storyfinders has inspired poetry[3], musings on frequently-requested stories[4][5], and a 2010 kerfuffle.[6][7][8]

Members of the comm -- and perhaps the SGA fandom in general -- take storyfinding relatively seriously; comm members will often spend considerable time trying to track down a lost story to help a fellow fan. Danceswithgary, who wrote a post explaining how she does it[9], is regularly called out as one of the exceptionally effective and fast finders at the comm.

Multiple fans have noted that the comm serves as a source of entertainment for them[10]. They may frequent the comm not primarily to help find stories nor because they plan on requesting stories there, but because the requests themselves are entertaining and the answers offer them new stories to read, or remind them of old favorites to reread.


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