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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Stargate Atlantis RPF, SGA RPF, SGA RPS
Scope/Focus: RPF featuring Stargate Atlantis actors.
Date(s): 2004 - present
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Stargate Atlantis RPF (aka SGA RPF aka SGA RPS) is the fandom for works about the actors on the television show Stargate Atlantis. The fandom is very small, unlike other media fandoms of the same era, LOTR and Supernatural, the appeal of RPF never took off in the main fandom. SGA RPF should not be confused with the Hewligan fandom which focuses on FPF works drawn from various David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan characters.

The only Livejournal community for the fandom, SGA RPS is a members-only, locked community for slash focused fanworks. The SGA Newsletter does list unlocked RPF works, but there are very few relative to the large amount of FPF works. Most of the RPF fannish activity occurred early in the run of the show, but new works are still being produced, and the fandom is occasionally requested at Yuletide.

David Hewlett/Joe Flanigan is the most common pairing in RPF, mirroring the major pairing from the fictional character side of the fandom, McKay/Sheppard. Other slash and het pairings are also written.

The What We Keep shared universe features a series of stories by darkrose focused on SGA RPF characters.

And Be One Traveler by Trinityofone and Amireal is a well-known SGA RPF/SGA crossover fic, of which a 32-reader podfic was produced. In the story, actor David Hewlett finds himself temporarily stranded in an alternate universe where Atlantis is real.