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Journal Community
Name: SGA Genrefinders
Date(s): March 2006 -
Moderator: debris_k, lavvyan
Founder: notpoetry
Type: ficfinding, genre recs
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis, SGA RPF, and any crossovers with SGA
URL:; archive link

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SGA Genrefinders (Find SGA Stories in a Specific Genre) -- tagline: use the tags, spare a search! -- is a Livejournal fic finding community started in 2006[1].

SGA Genrefinders is the genre-finding counterpart to SGA Storyfinders: searches for specific stories are not allowed (including in comments), but requests for stories of any particular type or genre, multiple stories by an author or their website, or for a particular rec list are.

SGA Genrefinders does not allow requests for copies of stories of which the authors have stated they no longer wish them to be shared between fans.

Per the comm's rules, requesters must tag their posts according to the comm's tagging system and follow other comm rules.[2] The mods will warn requesters who do not comply with comm rules -- and members also often politely self-police such posts -- to keep the comm on-topic.


  1. ^ mod post by notpoetry, 29 March 2006. (Accessed 11 April 2011)
  2. ^ "There are a few simple rules we are asking you to follow. If you think of these as The Law and of the mods as the guys who will whack you over the head if you break them, we should all get along just fine." -- The Rules at the comm profile.