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Penguins appear in fanworks from time to time (they're more popular in some fandoms than others) and are an important part of certain canons, such as the films March of the Penguins, Penguins of Madagascar and Happy Feet, the comic Bloom County[1], the animated TV series Pingu, and to a lesser extent the Wallace and Gromit short films[2] and Doctor Who comics[3]. Despite minor canon penguin appearances in the source material, fanworks in the following fandoms currently appear to have few or no penguins: Cthulhu Mythos[4], Anita Blake stories[5], Justice League[6], and Monty Python[7]. The opposite is true for Drake's Venture fandom: while no penguins appear in the movie, lots of fanworks have them.

In Hockey RPF, the Pittsburgh Penguins team is very popular with fans and has many fanworks.

from "Enter the Penguins," a Blake's 7 story in Trooper Orac's Fantastic Plastic Army (2001).

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Note - results from these searches include images scanned from comics etc. as well as fan art.

Penguins in Stargate Atlantis

cover art by mashimero for lavvyan's story Bipeds and the Deep Blue Sea

Penguinfic is a subgenre of Stargate Atlantis crack fanworks (mostly fic) notable and common enough to have its own thematic list.[8] This is no coincidence; the heyday of SGA fandom coincided with the release of both March of the Penguins (2005) and Happy Feet (2006).

The stories mainly feature SGA characters being transformed into penguins, though some are AUs in which the characters have always been penguins, and occasionally the canon characters just deeply ponder (the meaning of) penguins.

Example SGA Fanworks


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