Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter

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Name: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter
Creator: Laurell K. Hamilton
Date(s): 1993-ongoing
Medium: Novels
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Official Laurell K. Hamilton Website
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Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter is an ongoing series written by Laurell K. Hamilton.

Anita Blake is an animator, capable of raising the dead. She is also a licensed vampire executioner. At the beginning of the series, Anita helps the police solve supernatural crimes, as well as raising the dead for Animators, Inc. As the series progresses, Anita spends more and more time embroiled in the politics of supernatural creatures such as vampires and lycanthropes.

Anita Blake has also been adapted into a comic book, and there is talk of a TV movie.[1]

The Fandom

LKH disapproves of fanfiction. Sites like FanFiction.Net disallow any works based on Hamilton's worlds. However the Pomme de Sang archive featured adult fanfic from over 500 authors and boasted 17,000+ members. It also offered fans a forum, news, an Anita Blake wiki and more.

Crossover fics featuring Anita Blake are common. Many works crossover with other supernatural fandoms, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter. A small number of works are set in a Universe combining all three canons.


The Anita Blake books have a loyal following; they also have former fans who loudly and vehemently express their bitterness about the course the story has taken over the years. A long list of complaints have been laid out against LKH and Anita Blake: they are badly written and edited porn (anti-fans have nicknamed Anita "Whorenita"); Anita is a Mary Sue; the series is homophobic, despite the strong homoerotic undertones in the books; Anita Blake is a hypocrite who is allowed to get away with horrible acts because she is the one doing them.

LKH's erratic behaviour is also a source of mockery for anti-fans.[2]

Criticism of the series:



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