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Fanfiction Mailing List
Name: Triumverate, The Anita Blake Discussion/Writing Group
Date(s): 1999 - 2019
Moderated: Yes
Fandom: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter
Scope: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter
URL:; archive link
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Triumverate, or The Anita Blake Discussion/Writing Group, was a fanfiction mailing list in Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter fandom. It had 1095 members. It was extremely active during the mid-2000s, with the last post being in 2019.

Group description:

This group is for the sharing of fanfiction based on the series of books by Laurell K. Hamilton.All pairings and ratings are welcome, just please include an age rating for mature stories.If you have other writings, poetry, original fiction,even fanfiction from other fandoms feel free to share it with us. Please however list off-topic writing with an O/T proceeding the subject in case someone would rather read just stories based on the works of LKH.Thank you and may your every moon be a blue one.No Spamming, No Trolling! This is a group for all ages so please behave appropriately. Links from Official group Affiliates are welcome.New site owners wishing to link to or advertise in this group may contact the group owner for details.

**Notice of Changes** To make things easier on the moderators we've released the restrictions on approved memberships but new members will *still* be moderated to prevent SPAM'mers from joining just to post their idiotic messages. To help keep the archives from overflowing and becoming clogged, replies to messages will now go to the person rather than the group. Thank you for being such wonderful members.