Pomme de Sang

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Name: Pomme de Sang
Date(s): ? to ?
Archivist: Ruas, Aithne, and Nemhain
Founder: ?
Type: mature fanfiction
Fandom: Anita Blake
URL: http://pommedesang.com/efiction/ , Archived Link
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Pomme de Sang was an eFiction archive for mature Anita Blake fanfiction and a sister site to Sourdre de Sang.[1] Admins were Aithne, Nemhain, and Ruas. Other moderators were Triscut, Winterineden and A. Catherine. Noon.[2]

Size and Content

"We are the home of 576 authors from among our 20537 members. There have been 74441 reviews written about our 3187 stories."[3]

The site included fanfiction based on Anita Blake and Merry Gentry, crossovers with Anita Blake, and original fiction.


The archive went offline unexpectedly some time during or after March, 2017.[4]

And lest the young folk think the bad old days are past, I used to post my Anita Blake fic to a site called Pomme de Sang for years starting in 2005. Then a couple years ago the entire site vanished. There was no warning and nobody I’ve spoken with knows what happened to it. One day it was just gone, and so was every single piece of fic published there, which was easily numbering in the thousands.

I was lucky; I had saved everything I posted on that site (only because I have a paranoid streak tbh), including one fic that had over 80 chapters. But I’ll bet many of the other writers who posted their fic only or mainly on that site weren’t so paranoid lucky and lost some or all of what they had posted there, because after the site being online for well over a decade nobody expected it to just vanish. Until it did.

Guess where I’m now republishing all my old fic, where I can be confident it won’t vanish again like PdS did only a scant few years ago?

Nobody should be complaining about AO3. It’s a godsend to fandom[5]


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