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Name: Karen McFadyyon
Alias(es): Kassandra, KassXF, anonymous co, wickdzoot, Wickdzoot, zoo, Cassieopia, Isabel Wonders, Iwonders, iwonders, Sheare Bliss, Allison Reardon [1], Anonymous co
Type: writer
Fandoms: X-files, TPM, DS, Andromeda, Stargate Atlantis
Communities: SlashX, an X-Files email list
URL: wayback machine version of her old M/Sk page wayback machine version of her old "other X-files pairings" page
The Phantom Menace Lair of Kass and Kate
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Karen McFadyyon is one pseudonym used by this prolific writer, active in many fandoms.

She was an early and influential slash writer in SGA who pulled all of her stories from the web in 2006. As of February 10, 2010, Karen McFadyyon's SGA fanfic has been posted to Wraithbait.

This fan possibly started the pairing Krycek/Pendrel. She was an early M/K/Sk threesome writer.

Her X-Files story, Complicated Shadows has a complicated history.

Various Pseuds

As Sheare Bliss, she wrote Scully-Mulder centric gen X-files. Writing under the name Kassandra or KassXF, she was hugely influential in X-Files.

She also wrote as Kassandra in TPM fandom, often with Kate (aka DB Kate), and as KassXF (later anonymous co) in Due South, writing the fandom classic Busted among others.

She was a frequent commenter (often controversial and in the middle of conflict) at alt.tv.x-files.creative where she posted used the name Bliss and Sheare Bliss. [2]

She also wrote as Cassieopia in Andromeda fandom.

Karen McFadyyon was used in Stargate Atlantis fandom.

She never announced her changes of pseudonyms, but she has a couple of characteristic writing 'tics' that made it easy to trace her from fandom to fandom. She is best known for her long h/c stories.

From a 1998 interview: "I only have two [aliases]. Believe it or not. If you listen to Sheryl Martin, I have a gazillion. But I only have two, and one of them is really my name. But I'm not terribly secretive, obviously, or I wouldn't have TOLD!" [3]


This fan was also head mouse and creator of Debbilmice.

She started SlashX, an X-Files email list.


Notable Works

SWPM StolenLight.JPG
  • Busted -- Fraser/Kowalski h/c fandom classic (at the DSA)
  • Galaxy of the Living Dead -- a rare story of hers still available because it was posted to the SGA Flashfic LJ community.
  • Trade Bargain and A Matter of Discretion -- two-novel SGA series written during 1st season; in the first one, John becomes ill and John and Rodney get together; in the second, John is gay-bashed and nearly dies, and (for other reasons) Elizabeth decided to secede from Earth, possibly the first story where Atlantis does that.
  • Stolen Light -- TPM novel with a tragically cloned Qui-gon. (WB machine Link). Also published as a 75 page novelette.
  • Hearts of Darkness -- written with Kate, this was a dark TPM novel with rape and other warnings.
  • The Jewels of Ysgare. TPM novel.
  • Mating Rituals is a SGA John/Rodney story. It may not be the very first penguin fic, but it's close.


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