The Jewels of Ysgare

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Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan Fanfiction
Title: The Jewels of Ysgare
Author(s): KassXF
Date(s): 24 June 1999 (M/A archive date)
Length: ~38,000 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
External Links: The Jewels of Ysgare (Master & Apprentice)
cover by X

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The Jewels of Ysgare is a Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan story by KassXF.

Summary: An assignment on the planet Ysgare brings changes and challenges.

X created a cover for the story. There were different versions of this cover.

Recs and Reviews

Originally posted as a multi-part story, this excellent Phantom Menace (Q/O) story is engrossing. Be forewarned, it's very long (234K!) but worth the time it takes to read. Bring a hanky, a lightsaber, a cup of tea, and settle in...Kass will take you to places you wanted to go, but didn't know anyone had written about.[1]
Reason for Recommending: This is one of the first stories I read on the archive; I gobbled it up because not only was it nice and long - I adore long, meaty stories - it was terribly romantic, it was a first-time fic, and it contained copious amounts of Obi-Wan in peril. I think I learned the phrase "hurt-comfort" about the time I read this. I do have some issues with the fic, which you can read in the 'further discussion' section. [...] I gather that Kass was a fairly popular writer in X-Files before coming to TPM, and her popularity carried over. It's well-deserved, because she writes a gripping, kick-ass story. But because she was one of the first TPM writers (Jewels was archived in June 1999) and because her stuff was so popular, I think she was inadvertently responsible for some of the more irritating fanon cliches still existing in the fandom.[2]
The Jewels of Ysgare -- Kass -- I love their relationship, and I love the way it lends itself so easily to things like this.[3]


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