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Name: X
Alias(es): (X prefers NOT to have any other name listed here)
Type: fan artist, fan writer
Fandoms: Star Wars, The Phantom Menace, Highlander, Harry Potter, Band of Brothers, The Mentalist, Prison Break, Jericho, Lawrence: A Dangerous Man
URL: (No link to X's website per her front page)
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X is an extremely popular gen and slash fan artist who excels at photomanip art and is also a fanfiction writer. As an artist, X has a distinct style that is easily recognizable because of its glossy, airbrushed look. Her technique removes sharp outlines and turns photographic images into something with a more painterly feel, and she creates highly emotional (and often erotic) scenes that appeal greatly to many fans' sensibility.

In addition to illustrating online fan stories, X has also illustrated several fanzines, including the Star Wars fanzines Sanctuary Moon and Living Force, the Hercules: the Legendary Journeys fanzine The Less Than Legendary Journeys, and the Highlander fanzine Futures Without End. She also published a charity fanzine A New POV: Bystander Stories and writes fan fiction.


Her artwork is popular with many fans. In 2000 she won under a different name a FOX Award in the category Outstanding Mulder Fanfiction Cover Art for one of her X-Files covers and Area 52 describes her J/D manips as "wonderful".[1]

X became popular in classic "old skool" fandoms like XF and HL. Her Harry/Snape art is also extremely popular and much loved by many people in Harry Potter. At Escapade 2006, Snapetoy was particularly fervent in her appeal that X put her Harry/Snape art back on public view. Many fans were grateful when she allowed it all to be put back in public.

Some fans say that X is very talented, even very careful to subtly age underage characters to make them old enough, but they still have problems with not seeing the actor instead of the character.[2] This is a general problem other manip artists face as well because it's part of the issues surrounding the RPF genre.

On the other hand, for a few fans the very thing that makes X's style attractive can fall into the Uncanny Valley between something not photorealistic enough to look real or stylized and art-like enough to be clearly not a photo.



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