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Name: FOX Awards (Freedom Of eXpression Awards)
Date(s): 2000
Type: fanfic covers (online)
Associated Community: fan artists
Fandom: X-Files
URL: 2000 Award Archives

Fox awards.jpg
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The F.O.X. (Freedom Of eXpression) Awards were awards given for fan fiction cover art in X-Files fandom. For the first year they were hosted by Isa. In 2001 deslea took over the awards, but none were ever given.[1] In 2003, she announced she would not be moving forward with the awards due to lack of interest.[2]

The FOX Awards were not a slash award and the people organizing it weren't slashers but the one year where the awards were given, the winner in most categories were slash covers.

In the 2000 awards almost 150 covers were nominated, all of them manips. At least 25 covers were by the Theban Band and several covers by X (under a different name) and other slash artists, mostly M/K with some Mulder/Skinner.

Most covers featured the characters in some way and often had a layout similar to a paperback novel, others had the form of banners. The het covers were mostly MSR or Scully/Skinner with some Krycek/Marita. Overall the winners in almost all categories showed a strong Krycek bias.

Fanfiction Cover Artist of 2000

Outstanding X-Files Fanfiction Cover Art (tie)

Outstanding Mulder Fanfiction Cover Art

Outstanding Scully Fanfiction Cover Art

Outstanding Krycek Fanfiction Cover Art

Outstanding Skinner Fanfiction Cover Art

Outstanding Other Series Character Fanfiction Cover Art

Outstanding MSR Fanfiction Cover Art

Outstanding Slash Fanfiction Cover Art

Outstanding Romance Fanfiction Cover Art

  • Isahunter's "Move Heaven and Earth." Cover art by Isahunter.

Outstanding Fantasy/AU Fanfiction Cover Art (tie)

Outstanding Angst Fanfiction Cover Art

Outstanding Humor Fanfiction Cover Art

  • Fan4Richie's "Pulped." Cover art by the Theban Band. Strictly speaking, the cover wasn't cover art for Fan4Richie's story. The Theban Band created this image of a fictional pulp magazine for the September 2000 TER/MA challenge. The Pulp Challenge was for stories to fill their virtual pulp magazine. Fiction, confessions, exposés, scandals, illos, ads... anything appropriate to the genre was welcome. Pulped was the only entry into the challenge and therefore the story was associated with the challenge cover.

Outstanding Crossover Fanfiction Cover Art

  • Carla Jane's "Sharpe's Scoundrel." Cover art by the Theban Band.

Nominee's/Honorable Mentions


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