Green Eyed Monster

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Title: Green Eyed Monster
Author(s): Aries
Date(s): 2000
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: Aries (TER/MA)
Green Eyed Monster (Den of Sin)

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Green Eyed Monster is a Mulder/Krycek series by Aries. The Theban Band created a cover for the series. It won the 2000 FOX Awards in the category "Outstanding Slash Fanfiction Cover Art".


  • Green Eyed Monster (Part 2) - An agent from Alex's academy days, appears briefly and stirs up some trouble for our boys. Schmoop and angst abound.
  • Alex's Journal - This is a prequel to Green Eyed Monster. Alex works with Mulder and Scully to break the Consortium and put an end to all this aliens taking over the world nonsense. He starts scribbling out a journal, originally to record the events for Mulder in the event of his demise, but things begin to change...
  • Move In Condition - This Green Eyed Monster interlude is another prequel, picking up right after Alex's Journal. If you recall, at the end of that story, the boys decided to get a house together. This is their search. Though I didn't mean for there to be any, a teeny bit of angst found its way into the beginning of this. After that, though, it's all fun.
  • Snippet - "I got a wonderful mass feedback e-mail from Jonah the other day and she'd mentioned that there was a scene in Green Eyed Monster where Alex is teasing Mulder and asks him to describe his cock. Mulder's more than a bit frustrated and tells Alex he'll do it later. Well, she was a bit disappointed that I never readdressed that, so I'd like to do it now. How's this, Jonah?"
  • Interlude: November - "Ori decided a couple of days ago that it was time for an Infernale Challenge. She wanted to do something involving a garden, so here's my offering. I turned it into a Green Eyed Monster interlude since I hadn't done anything in that universe in a long time, and, conveniently enough, Alex has a garden there. Oh, and hey, Nic? Ori? It's SHORT! pthttbtbtttt "

Recs and Reviews

The series is set up in an odd order. To get some back story read Alex's Journal first. Then Move in Condition and the actual story titled Green Eyed Monster. You might want to skip the Interlude: November. That was when Aries was pissed at DD for leaving the X-files and refused to let Mulder get off during sex. It really won't make any difference to the story to skip it. This series is about just what it sounds like. The Green Eyed Monster of jealousy. Like I mentioned above, to really get the set up of how the boys got together read the prequel first. I like First Time stories, because I'm one of those people who doesn't like blank spaces. I like knowing how two people went from being enemies to lovers. Alex's Journal sets that up very well, a slow build up of trust and dosed with some Unrequited Love with a heavy dash of UST. The actual story titled The Green Eyed Monster is where we see that little ugly emotion raise it's head. Though there is a tiny bit of it in Alex's Journal, but it doesn't really last all that long. I have to say that I like the Prequel and Move in Condition better than the actual story GEM. Not that it isn't good, but I just love those two parts of the series. In GEM an old acquaintance of Alex's shows up he's got a little thing for Mulder and being the conquering kind of guy he is he sets out to seduce Mulder. Doesn't matter to him that Mulder and Alex are committed to each other. Doesn't matter that he doesn't stand a chance in hell with Mulder, he is going to try. Alex tries to warn Mulder what he's like, but Mulder doesn't listen to him. Even when Mulder doesn't respond to him the jerk still tries to make Alex suspicious that he did. It is the recovery of that incident that we go through from there. It's really a good story that I've read I don't know how many times. I love those two prequels. M/K slash at it's best. [1]
Den of Sin Doesn't this site have such a delicious name:) Fortunately for us, it also has really great fic. Force me to choose, and I'll pick Green Eyed Monster, by Aries, but all the stories are worth reading (and drooling over, etc ;) Be warned, however, most use the framework of the X Files only as the barest excuse to slash. Which is never a bad thing...;)[2]


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