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Synonyms: Fanfiction Cover, Fan Fiction Cover, Cover Art, Story Banner
See also: zine art, Cover Art, Fannish Bookcovers, Podfic Cover Art
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A fanfic cover is a piece of fanart created as a cover image for a story. It usually contains the title of the story and the name of the author, but it can also include additional information. A fanfic cover can be designed like a traditional book cover, but there are no limitations on form or style.

Many online fanfic covers are photo manipulations and other photo art, although digital and traditional drawings and paintings are common, too.

Cover art is often created as part of a Big Bang collaboration between author and artist. Sometimes authors design their own covers, sometimes a friend or collaborator designs it for them before the story is posted, and sometimes it's gift art by a reader of the story or created/commissioned by an archivist or the fan who compiles a podbook.

The FOX Awards in 2000 were presented for achievements in fanfiction cover art in the X-Files fandom.