Above and Beyond (Merlin story)

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Title: Above and Beyond
Author(s): lamardeuse
Date(s): 27 April 2009
Length: 1,300 words (story), 8:51 min (podfic)
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Above and Beyond (when the world is puddle-wonderful)
Above and Beyond (AO3)
Above and Beyond (audiobook)
lamardeuse's podfic
cover by Nicci

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Above and Beyond is a Merlin/Arthur story by lamardeuse (~1,300 words).

Summary: Merlin and Arthur face the morning after.

Author's note: "This is all nicci_mac's fault. She made a gorgeous artwork called Arthur Debauched (worksafe despite the title, unless your work does not approve of bare-chested men) the other day, and I wasn’t able to get another thing done until I’d given the boys a little morning-after story to go with it."[1]

The manip on its own has the caption: "Seeing Arthur on his knees, being crowned the Prince of Camelot did things to Merlin's breeches that several washes in very hot water would do little to remove. And how the crown stayed on Arthur's head is a mystery that can only be explained by magic!"[2]


After lamardeuse posted the story, Nicci used her artwork to make a story cover that also includes Merlin.

Nny podficced the story and lamardeuse turned it into an audiobook that's available at lamardeuse's own podfic page and the Audiofic Archive. The podbook is 8:51 min long.


  • "A sweet and joyful little morning-after their first time fic. With sex and giggles during a drunken tumble and quickly squashed misunderstandings the next day."[3]
  • " I'm such a sucker for the awkward misunderstanding, where both of them want but think the other doesn't for some reason, and this is a great version of it. I particularly enjoy the whole idea of Arthur wearing his crown to bed because he's such a big dork."[4]
  • "The artwork that inspired the fic is sublime. The fic is pitch perfect in tone and characterisation. The cover is sublime + 1 as it also includes Merlin. :) Lovely!"[5]


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