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Name: Kadorienne
Alias(es): mosellegreen
Type: fanwriter, fanartist
Fandoms: From Eroica With Love, Patalliro, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sleepy Hollow, The Sandbaggers, Watchmen
Loki from Thor Movieverse and The Avengers Movieverse
Other: http://belladonna.org (website)
https://mosellegreen.com (blog)[1]
URL: Kadorienne at AO3
kadoriennesmanips, Archived version at Tumblr
kadorienne at Tumblr
mosellegreen at Tumblr
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Kadorienne is a multifandom fanwriter/fanartist who, together with Grey Bard, published two From Eroica With Love fanzines. Some of her zine titles are:

She ran the now defunct website Belladonna where she published most of her works for several years but, after joining the Ao3 in 2009, Kadorienne started publishing her fanfiction and art there. Over the years, she also maintained at least three profiles on Tumblr and was an active member of Fanlore under her fannish name Kadorienne.

Art for Kadorienne

Throughout her career as a fanwriter, Kadorienne received several gifts from other fans and sometimes commissioned art herself.


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