Iron and Silk

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Title: Iron and Silk
Publisher: El Cheapo Press
Editor(s): Grey Bard and Kadorienne
Medium: print zine
Fandom: From Eroica with Love
Language: English
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Iron and Silk is a slash From Eroica with Love anthology. It has a cover by Suzan Lovett. Note from the publisher: "Due to a very young contributor, we now offer a PG-13 edition, suitable for people under the age of 18 or those who wish to avoid explicit sex. Be sure to tell us if either of these conditions apply to you. It's the same zine, minus the few stories that break the NC-17 barrier."

Stories by:

  • Anne-Li
  • Heather Sparrows
  • Jen B.
  • Kadorienne
  • Margaret Price
  • Sindeniirelle

Novels by:

  • Jen B.
  • Margaret Price

Poem by:

  • Aisa Moirai

Comic by:

  • Ink'N'Imp

Art by:

  • Aisa Moirai
  • Dori
  • Esther Wolf
  • nk'N'Imp
  • Leah, age 10
  • Margaret Price
  • Nico
  • Nina
  • The Reverand


  • And Now, a Word From the Major by ink'n'imp
  • Morning Interlude by Kadorienne, illustrated by Nina
  • Major Decisions by Margaret Price, illustrated by The Reverand (Summary: The Major is given a startling proposal. The decision he makes will set the course of the future. How will he decide?)
  • Well, Hardly Ever by Jen B, illustrated by Esda
  • Exit, Stage Left by Aisa Moirai (Poem)
  • The Viennese Waltz by Sindeniirelle, illustrated by The Reverand
  • Good Old-Fashioned by Heather Sparrows, illustrated by Nina
  • Courting Dorian by Anne-Li, illustrated by ink'n'imp and by Leah, age 10
  • Terror Behind The Iron Curtain by Margaret Price (Rating: NC-17, Warnings: You name it. Graphic everything. Summary: The Major gets an assighnment he is certain is a veiled attempt by his superiors to get him killed. Eroica gets the chance to be a legitimate art appraiser. The Doctor is given a routine task by the Time Lords in a not so routine location. Prince Jason attends a Medical conference on 27th Century Earth. Somewhere in all this, an alien presence is planning World War III. Illustrated by Margaret Price & Dori . Sexy illustration by Nina. Playful illustration by Dori)
  • Diversions by Jen B., iIllustrated by The Reverand and Nico