Rose Vines and Wire Ropes

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Title: Rose Vines and Wire Ropes
Publisher: El Cheapo Press
Date(s): 2001
Medium: print
Fandom: From Eroica With Love
Language: English
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Rose Vines and Wire Ropes is a slash 182-page Eroica anthology edited by Kadorienne and Grey Bard.


From the flyer: "The cover art is by Yuria and back art by Nico. The zine has ten different authors, eight stories, an essay, poems, over thirty illustrations, crossovers with The X-Files, Professionals and Harry Potter, and a reprint of the classic lost Eroica novel "The Waiting Man". Stories by Kadorienne, Makomo, Cassie Ingaben, BT, The Disreputable Duck, Pibroch, Filigree Silver, Adrienne, Heather Sparrows, Kat Benedict. Short story crossover with H. Potter, short crossover with Professionals (Bodie), and a nice long story crossed with The X-Files. Wonderful b&w illustrations throughout by Nina, Filigree Silver, Lorraine, Yuria, Sabrina, Kat Benedict."


  • Spirits of Fire by Filigree Silver, poem (1)
  • The Beautiful and the Beastly by Kadorienne, illustrated by Nina (2)
  • The Daydream by Makomo, originally in Japanese, translated by Makomo, illustrated by Yuria (5)
  • Glittering Prize b Cassie Ingaben, illustrated by Lorraine Brevig, (Pros crossover) (11)
  • Liesl’s Diary by BT, illustrated by Kyuu (14)
  • Moth Attack by The Disreputable Duck (18)
  • Necessary by Pibroch, illustrations by Nina (21)
  • Out There by Kadorienne, illustrations by Nina, Sabrina, and Lorraine, (X-Files crossover) (34)
  • The (not so) humble charm of Eroicaslash by Rose Red, illustrated by Lorraine, an essay (80)
  • Patronus by Filigree Silver, illustrated by Lorraine, (Harry Potter crossover) (83)
  • Ridiculous, Blue by Adrienne, illustrated by Lorraine, poem (86)
  • The Fifth Season by Heather Sparrows, illustrated by Lorraine (87)
  • The Waiting Man by Kat Benedict. Illustrated by Kat Benedict. Originally published in an Apa novel (94)
  • front cover is by Yuria, back cover by Nico