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Author(s): Ali
Date(s): 2010-present
Length: >1mil words
Genre: crossover slash romance
Fandom: Hanson and American Idol
External Links: SNAFUBAR @ Ao3, darenotlove @ LJ



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SNAFUBAR is a catchall term referring to a series of Hanson and Adam Lambert/Glam RPF crossover fics by Ali. The universe's main stories are SNAFU and FUBAR, although Ali has also written several shorter stories about the same characters. The series focuses on Taylor/Tommy Joe Ratliff, and also features all the characters' canonical wives/girlfriends, as well as past relationships between Zac/Taylor and Taylor/Alex Greenwald. Adam Lambert and his other band members only play small roles in the series.


The first story in the series, it begins with Taylor and Tommy Joe Ratliff meeting at the bar SNAFU in New York City after Taylor attended an Adam Lambert concert. Although Tommy considers himself straight, he is immediately attracted to Taylor. Taylor is attracted to Tommy as well, having secretly come to terms with his sexuality years ago and recently having decided to end his relationship with his brother Zac. Zac isn't ready for it to end, and after both he and Isaac discover Taylor's fling with Tommy, the brothers' relationship is put to the test. Eventually, Taylor decides to come out and leave his wife, but Tommy assures him that their relationship was a mistake. When his wife Natalie announces that she is pregnant again, Taylor has no choice but to return to her and try to make their marriage work. Zac ends up being a surprising ally once he accepts that his and Taylor's relationship can't continue.


A year later, after Natalie has died while giving birth to her fifth child, Taylor is struggling to be a single father. A run-in with Tommy reminds both of their feelings, and after some missteps they rekindle their relationship. Taylor decides that moving to Los Angeles will be the best way to give his children a fresh start and that it is time to come out to his family as well. They try to force him into therapy to rid him of his homosexual feelings, and his former mother-in-law makes a legal bid to take his children from him. Eventually, after Taylor comes out publicly and is hit by a car while trying to save his eldest child, his family begins to come around. Some family members are more understanding than others, as they are all also still dealing with the loss of Natalie. Although he struggles with his own sexuality and whether or not he's ready to be both in a relationship with a man and suddenly a father, Tommy comes to accept that his relationship with Taylor can work.


Set two years after the end of FUBAR and still in progress, this is the third story of the main series.

The Space Between

One of several spinoffs Ali has written, this is an in progress story that shows more of Tommy's perspective, beginning with the end of SNAFU.

Reactions and Reviews

While I certainly didn’t come away from the story more of a Tommy Joe fan, I was able to see how a relationship between him and Taylor (as they were portrayed in the story) could happen. I also really, really enjoyed Ali’s portrayal of Taylor’s history and his struggle with his sexuality. It rang very true with how I see him, and I found myself crying as I read certain chapters. It’s not often that a story these days can make me cry.[1]

Taylor and Tommy, though, are well-fleshed out in their concerns about moving forward with a relationship. The story takes some frustrating twists and turns that really test them, as well as Zac. Unfortunately, he ends the story in the same place he began, which is a fate I don’t think he deserves. Still, I’m glad that Tommy has come to accept him, as well as Taylor’s family (for the most part and not without reluctance–to put it mildly) accepting Tommy.

With one hundred and twenty three chapters, there’s room for plenty of drama and Ali does not disappoint. Sometimes it seems like the blows will never quit coming, but FUBAR still manages to find its way to a happy ending for most of the characters.[2]

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SNAFUBAR won awards in the Blank Page Awards and is featured in the hall of fame.