Confessin' 'Bout Hanson

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Name: Confessin' 'Bout Hanson
Date(s): June 23, 2013-present
Submissions: yes
Type: secrets/confessions
Fandom: Hanson
URL:; archive link
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Confessin' 'Bout Hanson is a Tumblr for Hanson confessions. It is similar to Fandom Secrets clones like Hanson Secrets, but purports to be more focused on fan confessions and opinions rather than gossip about the band.[1] In practice, the content is quite similar. Secrets calling out individual fans are not allowed, although some have slipped by the moderators only to be deleted later. Confessions can be sent in already made into graphics or submitted as text only, which the moderators will add to an image of their choice.


  1. what are the rules? is it like hansonsecret?